Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

This fun young girl sold me a burrito and was sassy with the shirt.

Effen vodka? Yep. Effen Vodka!

This guy is a prince and a cancer survivor! Happy Thanksgiving.

A couple quick pics to ponder.

The best is without question the photo of Brett's T-shirt. Good thing he already has a high heel wearing 20 month old son and a precious 4 year old daughter!

This thanksgiving was spent sleeping in and enjoying 75 degree windy weather. I am watching ozzie (shippy's dog) and loving it. I also got a good ride today. That made me feel very good considering my total rides for the month of oct and nov have totalled less than my fingers.

I promise to update more and give my mother my Christmas wishlist. Anyone have any suggestions for what I should ask for?

I want the move 24 Solo where Chris Etaugh almost dies trying to win his 7th world title in 24 hour solo mtn bike racing. And I think I need some pink troy lee gloves for the winter time. Hot baby, hot!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Travel time

This guy had a simple approach....

Challenge all comers, weight weiners unite.

This is a beautiful bike. Next years will be white....

Can it be done any better?

So we were out in the middle of nowhere utah up at 8000ft about to drop the hazard trail. Whilst there, a fine gentleman surprises us all with his helmet stickered creed. The above says it all. Turns out, the hotel he works at is being renovated so he has 5 months paid vacation. Not too bad.

I got an interview at Wharton. That is such a wonderful thing because it feels like a little bit of reward for the enormous amount of work that I have been doing this past three months. If anyone has any suggestions or contacts, please pass them my way.

We also had our first team meeting of the new year. FINAL KICK was there giving as the primary bike shop support for the team. Thanks geno for stealing the first 58 white R3 cervelo. Mine is coming someday I was promised. And thanks geno for being our forefront with the help. I usually find that the "old and creepy" approach never fails. I have no idea why it didnt pan out differently for our group.

Just a couple other pics above to challenge friends who ride 58cm bikes or any other bike for that matter. 14.85 with standard pedals and bottle cages is absolutely respectable.

Its sunny San Diego tomorrow for me until Sunday. I have some work to do and noble canyon to ride.