Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Less friction

The good thing about the west coast and my school in general is that
people don't take themselves too seriously. I was amused when I found
this deliverable in my MBA mailbox when I checked for my grades.

The good news is that most people figure out the right amount of
effort quickly. I am learning what that right amount is. And this
product should reduce friction!

Monday, October 27, 2008

B is for Bender

My uncle Charlie used to say that D is for done. Well, I didnt score a D in micro econ, but I did score a B. I liken it to Bender. My situation is unique in that probably everyone else in my school has had these types of classes before. These were their major core classes or undergrad electives.
Myself, on the other hand, was mandated to a year of celestial navigation and weapons physics and dynamics outside of the Naval Academy core classes of EE, Calculus 1-3, Stats, and thermo dynamics. So, in reality, all these soft classes (not too # heavy) explore what I like to call the grey area. And now I am taking finance. Like anyone in America has that figured out.

Anyway, I am relieved that I survived with at least one B.

I also have an informational interview with Intel on wed afternoon. How cool is that? A USNA grad is the head of Intel's Accelerated Leadership Program. I feel like God works in mysterious ways. If I could swindle a summer internship out of this deal, I'd be there in a second!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long Day

The days are long here. This weekend was pretty good though. I spent yesterday sleeping in and doing not a whole lot. I was happy to install my friend Jan's king HS. Took me back to the days when wick and I used to blow it up in my garage for hours on end. Then I went for a 1.5 hour road ride with 2000 feet of climbing. I contend thats a hard ride, probably equal to a 50 mile ride in VA. What are your thoughts?

Spent today riding dirt on Mt Tam. Now this is the home of mtn biking. It all started here. And to be honest, its really good. Its not Massanutten or Noble Canyon, but for being 15 mins away, I feel blessed to be able to ride. It always brings me back to center.

I have spent this afternoon listening to music and completing mindless task required of me. I got to speak with a bunch of my family on the phone and that was valuable to me. Also brings me back to center.

A couple thoughts have been lingering in my mind about things I have been meaning to do/say. First, K-blogg, the kids look good in the 757-CX kits.

Second, there is no need to ever have an adult beverage and then even try to drive. This happened this weekend to some good friends of mine. Serious, no need. Just take a taxi. It amazes me that anyone who can get into a top 10 business school doesnt contain the ability to determine that two drinks is not OK to drive. I am thankful that my friends are ok in that respect. FOr you young kids out there and old people who are not smart enough to figure it out, just dont drive. No one can stop you from drinking, but why bother with driving. Even if you have just one, it'll impare your decision making ability.

Sorry so somber, but it needs to be said.

Mary, good chatttin with you.

Annie, good chatting with you.

Pete N, good chatting with you.

Mom, I love you.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Balancing Act

Went riding today with Jan the Slovak and Shep the 2nd year. Finally living my life a little was a welcome break from the absolute insanity of finals week. Finals week? Yep! It sucked. I hated finals at Navy because I put an enormous amount of pressure on myslef to perform.

Anyway, I got some new Crank Bros acid pedals and a gravity dropper seatpost. A welcome addition for the big white bike. Both items performed beautifully. I never thought I could improve on the beautifully simply thomson post.

I have committed myself to getting on the bike 3x a week. I need to have some kind of balance in this circus show. I guess getting to bed before 1 is not going to be one of the balance inducing activities in which I will participate.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finals? What?

I seriously have 3 finals, 10.5 hours worth of testing, in a period of 37 hours. Does that make any sense to you?

It sure doesnt to me. 3.6 hours until Exam 1. Say a prayer for me. I am pulling out my hair!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Buddist Monk Anyone?

The coolest kid at my school was a Buddhist monk for a month before he arrived at Cal. Now I dont know if it helped him get in. But he definately has a unique perspective. I have a feeling that he'll perform better than me on the Stats and Econ Finals this week. And I pertain those results directly to the fact that he has a relationship with meditation that will allow him to draw answers out of the air. Wish I had those powers.

3 Finals this week, 2 papers, and one problem set. Say prayer for me.

Apinun Tachapalert is the Thai playboy you wish you could be! Play on playa

Thursday, October 9, 2008

J-Buck is gone

milesofseparation.blogspot.com is gone? Where'd you go son?

In honor of j-buck, its about to get real out here. Finals next week, two 10 page papers, a problem set, and a speech tonight. Good luck to my boys headed southbound to SC to finish up the race season. Wick-nasty, I need a result out of you. Race smart!

T-karnes, I expect a result.

I actually got out of bed early today and put in an hour worth of climbing. What a blessing.

Seriously nervous about next week. I just dont have enough time to prepare.

As far as distractions are concerned, what does it mean to you that Lance is riding SRAM next year (he owns part of the company). Also, I bring the following to the table for discussion/entertainment:

dont steal my bike


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pic of the semester (so far)

Diversity is embraced at Berkeley. However, I have no idea what is
going on here!