Thursday, September 27, 2007

So I plugged in my iphone and my two most nagging issues were resolved by the firmware upgrade. I can now select which ringer I use for text messages and I can use itunes!

I think the pricing strategy was beyond crap. I am very greatful I received my iphone as a gift. I never would have spent that kind of money on a phone. Thats 1/4 to a dura ace SRM! I also saw the new cervelo r3 from interbike. If that bike doesnt make you want to get out and ride, you may need to get out more!

As always, looking for advice from anyone going through/gone through the B school application process. I am so close to being done with my first app. Say a prayer for me!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

That last essay is out. Its just no good and not telling enough. Liz, thanks for the edit. I very much appreciate it.

This Friday I am headed out to the carrier for some student attempted qualification. There is nothing more scary for a pilot than to NOT be flying and watching someone else make mistakes where there is such a small margin for error. So I have that to look forward to.

Plus my first round of essays is due tuesday afternoon. My goal is to get them up on Sat. Wish me luck!

And keep posting blog-father and mclovin! I need your distractions to keep me sane!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Ideas, post your thoughts

So I am down in FL flying everyday. That part is cool. Except that it is hotter here than in VA and my plane's AC is broke. SO it gets up to about 110 in there as I am flying my 3 hour missions. Sweet. I sweat so much that I stop sweating. I always thought that was bad.

I have not been studying for Bender vs GMAT II, but I have been working on some essays. I am taking my shot and the timing is good for me to go to school next fall. That is already established. If you dont have dreams, what do you have? So I am really putting in the time with these essays. I hope that you may find the below and interesting read. I would much rather be putting in miles. But I think this break from the bike will do me good. To be honest, there really isnt much I'd rather do than go suffer on the bike for a 2 hour bully-ride. We truly are blessed to know what it means to be a rider.

The worst part is, I sold my vortex to a prof at Darden and now I can find his number! F!

Friday, September 7, 2007

So after some serious disappointment that I not did perform smashingly on the GMAT, I have realized that I get another shot. Wow. Its not so much a realization as it was a thorough scouring of several websites and the understanding that most school only want your highest score--unlike the LSAT. MBA programs want to show a high GMAT avg so that they can a elitist review when it comes time for rankings. So the good news is that I will take it again and perform better. Bad news is that I have to study all the while preparing my own essays and getting my superiors (and Gags) to work on recommendations.

All this means that the bikes are getting serious neglect. Damn shame.

A serious question in the world is why steal. I was disheartened to learn today that B & K Shipp had two bikes stolen out of there garage. Sickening. I think you know that my house was broken in to, and many items were taken last year. So to learn that one more person was robbed in my neighborhood upsets me. THe good news is that they will probably get some nice cash from insurance and will most likely be able to get newer and better bikes!

Dopers Suck and Robbers SUCK!

Through my fall time fun there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A couple of friends and I are headed to MOAB for 4 days of fat tire heaven. If you are a fat tire kid and want to go, let me know! Maybe we can meet up.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sick. Literally and figuratively. I scored above average on the GMAT, but no where near what I was hoping. And now where near what is average for the schools I was looking at. Oh well, still going to shoot out some applications and say some prayers. So thats the figuratively portion of sick.

Second, I scored some kind of disgusting head cold and can barely move. That might help me sleep better in the long run.

And always remember to crank that soldier boy! as mclovin would....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Absolutely no reason!!

There is absolutely no reason that I should be up at 1217 the night before I take the GMAT. I guess that I am justifying my actions because I have studied more than 100 hours for this damn thing. I just want it to be over.

This weekend, moms was in town. What an absolute blessing. I think that as her only son, I have a special relationship. Momma's boy I guess. I dont care what you say, there will always be merit to being a momma's boy. I am a momma's boy. I very much enjoyed our time, especially our time on the beach. Very nice. She jumped around in the water like a kid. Made me feel a little old to be honest, but it made my soul feel good to see her enjoy life like that. And that joy that I felt is the only thing that makes missing the most epic ride of the year easier. Shenandoah mtn 100 was this past weekend. K-blog just finished posting his write-up. Nice.

So wish me luck tomorrow and dont feel too bad. I have a 7 day trip to Moab scheduled for post MBA school application time. What a life! I cant wait. Just to tide me over: