Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A couple more MOAB pics

Riding At the top of the world is cool

Shippy thought ninja challenge was a joke so he made his own--over a 1000 ft drop

Recentering complete

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Dark Ages

Adam picked friends and I up at the Airport following our 4 day Moab, 3 night vegas "recentering." Upon my home arrival, I was pleased to find a pink Chris King headset that I had bought on ebay and a brand new Giro Ionos (thanks Mary). I have always loved receiving mail ever since I went to the boat school and mail was your only contact with real people in the real world. Anyway, Adam made claim that it took him a while to figure out how to turn on the heat in the house--this morning when he woke up, he could see his breath.

Its funny because I just dont like the heat. I kept the house at 69 until I got my 1st bill this summer. I have been pushing up the air conditioner by a degree so that my bill would come down. I am now at a barely livable 73. So I like this time of year when you actually need to turn on the heat. I think it is cool when you wake up in the morning and can see your own breath in your bed. YOu sleep better that way right?

Long story short, I feel like its the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages was a term used to describe the time you would return to the Academy from Christmas break until spring break. You had nothing to look forward to and would just have to struggle through the 10 weeks. Its not that I dont have anything to look forward to, its just that I would rather do other things that what I should d0. The fun is over and now its time to get back to the last 3 applications. Parts of me dont want to do any of it. I just want to ride my bike.

Its 130 and I watched Nip/Tuck when I got home. What a train wreck. But a fun train wreck.

I can see this is turning more into random thoughts than anything meaningful. So I just wanted to say congrats to Tyler for scoring a Hincapie spot. And K-blog you look good in SR green/teal.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Bryan and I travelled all day on tuesday and picked up Kurt in St. George, Utah. A long day to say the least and we arrived in Moab at 3 am Moab time. Slept about 5.5 hours and woke up to build our bikes. We found a shuttle and rode 1.5 hours up to Hazard country trail. Rode 5.5 hours down Hazard, Kokepelli, UPS, LPS, and Porcupine trails. Awesome. Here are a couple pics and a video.

Monday, October 22, 2007

As Long As I Play My Cards Right.....

I can get myself another mtn bike tatoo

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Google Phone? Iphone crusher?

A little surfing brought this to my attention? Is it real? Will it be the end-all be-all digital device? Will google's stock rocket to $1000?

Two more days to Fat Camp

What a group of fellas! This trip was in spring 04. Noah ripped apart his arm and I was certain that Doug wouldnt survive. But it was the most memorable mtn bike trip I will ever have. Awesome!

Look at this landscape!

So Bryan, Kurt and I are headed to fall fat camp on tuesday. Nice. Basically, we are flying to vegas, then driving to Moab, Utah, the mtn biking capital of the world. The 8 hours a day for 5 days will bring us back all lean and mean. Very cool.

Important is the retreat from the crazy admissions process I am struggling with. I read the essays of a current GSB student who used to be in my squadron. The guy's essays should be published. Everyone should read what he had to say. It had that kind of impact on me. His essays also made me feel like I had little to no chance to get into the GSB. That may be true, but I have found some resilience and have always been a little defiant in nature. Any school would be foolish to pass on the opportunity to have me as an active member of its student body (at least thats what I keep telling myself).

So today will be spend looking outside wishing I could enjoy this amazing fall weather. But I am goign to live in my pain cave working on my writing, improving my written communication portion of applications.

Most importantly, its only two days until I get to enjoy the landscape pictured above: one of God's truly amazing gifts to the world. Plus a couple nights in Vegas with the fellas after the riding wont hurt.

I have a Maverick Bicycles t-shirt that wins the quote of the month:

Everything in Moderation, Even Moderation

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ride for the Roses in Austin

Very early morning start with Shelly, Cezanne, and me waiting for Chris (in line to drop off the junior Chris swim team).
4 mins later the sun had come up

A little too chipper for mile 60

Easily showing wear of the distance

Look at these guys! True longhorns for your viewing pleasure.

What a weekend. I had to opportunity to spend some time with wonderful people and together we raised more than $2000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Very cool!

I arrived in Austin late sat night thanks to Carolyn and Lips. I got a room and walked around a bit soaking up the Austin scene. I had been there plenty of times before but always enjoy 4th-6th streets when there is agreeable weather. To be honest, it very much reminds me of San Diego (except for the unbearable heat in the summer).

I picked up Chris and Cezanne on sat afternoon and we enjoyed a nice dinner with Shelly. Not really carbo-loading, but good tapas anyway. We woke up at the crack of dawn to get to the start. Shelly rode the 60 mile and Chris and I got a horrible start position for the 90 miler. So basically, we rode the entire 90 miles with one of the two of us pulling. I was hoping to find a group of twenty or so that would be willing to work with/for us. So we pushed at a decent clip for the 1st 1.5 hours with no luck. We cross at least 10 cattle guards and one creek (no kidding). I guess someone fell while walking across the creek and broke their arm. Ouch!

Chris and I soldiered on and enjoyed the scenery. At the start of the ride Lance claimed these were the roads responsible for 7 Tour victories. At mile 40 I started to understand why. We had only ridden 2 hours but it felt like 3.5. And all the roads were paved, just not really smooth. You know exactly the road I describe, definately not smooth but still hard and was probably paved in the 40s. A couple times I had to open my mouth so that my teeth wouldnt chatter!

Cezanne brought me a coke at mile 60 and that probably got me through the ride. 6000 feet of climbing coupled with only 3 training rides in the past 6 weeks creates a non-effective solution. But I still enjoyed the ride (after convincing Chris to wait for me a couple times). It was fun because Chris would crush me on the climbs then I would just roll down the hills enjoying the 40lb advantage I maintain over him.

For those of you who dont know, Chris and two of his 3 brothers have had some type of cancer. All survivors. Chris had bilateral testicular cancer and is free and clear now. He did offer me some synthetic testosterone before we started. The same kind of ointment Floyd would have used if he did cheat. I thought about it but then was thankful I had blessing of health. I wouldnt wish what he and Brett Holdiman had to go through on anyone.

Moms then came over from Houston and the 5 of us had dinner. Wonderful. We ate at Trulucks in Austin and it was probably the best seafood I have ever enjoyed. Very classy place.

All in all, a wonderful weekend. However, I am still $200 short of my fundraising goal of $1500. So, if you have the means, please donate $10 at

Can't wait for next week and fat camp in Moab! What a life I lead.

Friday, October 5, 2007



I know that most recognize the fact that Lance won 7 tours. HOwever, most people do not know that Lance spends near all of his time fundraising for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

I am very fortunate that Carolyn and Lips donated a travel voucher for me to go Austin and ride in the Lance Armstrong Ride for the Roses. Please Donate anything you can by clicking on the link below. Its a tax writeoff! You'll feel better about yourself!

I am leaving on Friday the 12th, will meet up with Chris Brianas, and ride 100miles on Sunday. Chris is a cancer survivor and a classmate of mine. Just seeing him ride makes this entire cause worthwhile. Please donate!

Please CLICK HERE to sponsor my 100 mile ride and DONATE!!!!


K-blog, the only way to look good wearing lycra while not on a bike (is to not be a man).

Thursday, October 4, 2007

SNL - Lazy Sunday

Special, hipplestein, this is all you.

Guilty Pleasure

I hate to admit this, but I am addicted. First, I am addicted to caffeine. Its aweful for you, unless you are on your bike. Then you have a good excuse. Second, it is important that I watch both of these shows. Most of you have probably heard of Entourage. But Nip/Tuck is a special show. It glorifies yet very much criticizes the ethical boundaries pressed with plastic surgery. Mostly, it teaches America to be happy with who they are. Its a sort of learn to appreciate yourself show. And its not for young mclovin (dont watch it or your mom will claim I am a bad influence on you!).

Anyone know where I can find a decent deal on a used Dura Ace SRM? I want to be fast next spring.

Credit where credit is due

A little teamwork at state crits...

So I just got off the phone with my 1st complaint about my blog. You dont update it enough! Well, you never leave any comments! (you can leave comments by just clicking on leave comment) I expect more out of you....

I started this thing because my boy K-blog inspired me. I found myself checking his blog daily and thought it was a cool way to improve my writing and tell the world about myself.

From there, I started to look at other people's sites. Very nice. Some people have been blogging for much longer, hence, the blogfather. Which is probably the coolest name since its namesake. Most importantly, I have found that bloggin is best with a ton of pictures. So I am going to start improving my attempts at that also. If you know me and are a complainer, leave a comment.