Sunday, October 21, 2007

Two more days to Fat Camp

What a group of fellas! This trip was in spring 04. Noah ripped apart his arm and I was certain that Doug wouldnt survive. But it was the most memorable mtn bike trip I will ever have. Awesome!

Look at this landscape!

So Bryan, Kurt and I are headed to fall fat camp on tuesday. Nice. Basically, we are flying to vegas, then driving to Moab, Utah, the mtn biking capital of the world. The 8 hours a day for 5 days will bring us back all lean and mean. Very cool.

Important is the retreat from the crazy admissions process I am struggling with. I read the essays of a current GSB student who used to be in my squadron. The guy's essays should be published. Everyone should read what he had to say. It had that kind of impact on me. His essays also made me feel like I had little to no chance to get into the GSB. That may be true, but I have found some resilience and have always been a little defiant in nature. Any school would be foolish to pass on the opportunity to have me as an active member of its student body (at least thats what I keep telling myself).

So today will be spend looking outside wishing I could enjoy this amazing fall weather. But I am goign to live in my pain cave working on my writing, improving my written communication portion of applications.

Most importantly, its only two days until I get to enjoy the landscape pictured above: one of God's truly amazing gifts to the world. Plus a couple nights in Vegas with the fellas after the riding wont hurt.

I have a Maverick Bicycles t-shirt that wins the quote of the month:

Everything in Moderation, Even Moderation

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Anonymous said...

So you are leaving for Moab again..
No crashing into Rocks this year!
You know how rocks love to take chucks and skin when you crash into them~! Ouch!

Hope the writing is going well... you will enjoy your time in the outdoors... reward time... plus a couple of slots for me! Love you... lcb