Saturday, February 21, 2009

I found this pic on my buddy's facebook. Had to post it here. This is what bren wrote about the incident:

"I can't decide who I'd rather be- the pusher or the LiveClean devil. pissing off lance enough that he shoves you to the ground is almost as good as winning the Tour de France 7 times."

I guess the devil calls himself the "liveclean" devil--not livestrong. Messed up man. Check out the pitchfork. Personally, I think Lance is the man. I love all the naysayers. Bring it. Lance is a super-human. To ride to a 12th place finish after 3 years off is remarkable. Insane actually. This fat-boy devil deserves a good knock on his ass.

5000 ft of climbing in 65 miles today. Legs are coming back. Maybe I'll just take the summer off and ride my bike. Thoughts?

Friday, February 20, 2009

The other bender

Got in 65 miles and 5k of climbing today. I like that.

However, I have been running around willy nilly with the weight of the
world on my shoulders trying to find an internship. Tonight I sat
downstairs and realized that I am exhausted. I mean, look at the
time: 2am. I know all the clich├ęs, but I cant wait for this good
thing. The peaks and valleys are toll-ful. And I just want to relax.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Should be studyin'!

I have interviews with both Apple and Intel tomorrow. Thats Cool! However, I had some homework and I really wanted to get in a baseline power ride. Since it has rained 100 inches here in the past week, I spent an hour on the rollers watching Heroes Season 2.

I warmed up for 20 mins then started 20 mins of pain/power. I had to stop at the 30 min mark to change the dvd. I also had some other hiccups in the process which are easy to see. However, I managed 321 watts avg for 20 mins. I really wish I had my power meter last year to measure during my peak fitness. Nonetheless, I think I will need to be up around 400 if I want to be competitive collegiately (considering my weight). Actually, I'm pretty embarassed to be putting this up, so I hope I get some responses.

So now I have a baseline. No place to go but up. Geno, what's your 20 min numbers? Terry? Bryan? GLover?

New dave z t-shirt

Since dave Zabriskie has won our national time trial championship 18
times, and because he sports a rad mustache, and because captain
America defines at least 3 of my years between ages 0 & 10, I wear
this shirt. Yeah tour of ca!

Tour of California & 5 hours of Rain

I rocked North to Santa Rosa (home of Levi Leipheimer) after my horrendous east coast swing to ATL. I was stoked to stand in the rain for 5 hours and enjoy the sights. The racing turned out to be outstanding as well. Below are a bunch of pics.

We watched the final right at the 200m to go mark.

Rain for 4 hours. North Face kept my top dry. Phones to chat with people on the phone. Lots of calls this day!

This new PRO disc has carbon around the hub. Hot.

Read below.

Stein Devolder's Flanders Winning Bike!

I'm a Lance Fan.

This poor girl was cold. Just like the rest of the crowd.

Lightest bike in the expo. Got wick's bike by pounds!


Rad 2x9 lightness.

Hot GT? Is that a contradiction?

This bike was special.

1214 is the number of days in retirement for Lance. 27.5 represents the number of MILLIONS of people who didnt win their fight with cancer in those 1274 days.

Best paint I've ever seen. This bike was beautiful.

Wick's bike on BIG sale.


Garmin Bikes were rad too.

Lightweights on a Focus. Nice.

I also rode the new electric Dura Ace. It was so nice. Honestly, better shifting than you've ever dreamed. Too bad its $4k.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who dis?

Anyone recognize this little orphan? She is the cutest thing ever! Rivals my sister's new addition to her family!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dazed and confused

I took 2 exams back to back today. I am completely spent. I stole
Rumana's glasses because everything was pretty blurry. Yikes

Monday, February 9, 2009


Gonna get fast this year. Quality over quantity. Who has the
training with power book?

Got a second round interview invite with google today. Say a prayer
for me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Most amazing pics of cycling I have seen in quite a while.

Interview with Visa tomorrow.
Another invite to interview with a different Google division.
Headed to Atlanta next week to interview 2nd rounds with McKinsey.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ben King and Lance

I dont know how I found this, but Ben King and Lance were out riding in my next of the woods today. Pulled the pic from Lance's tweet.

Ben King is a tough kid. I would pretty much do anything to be U23 again. Anyway, this summer, in Langley, Ben King just kept attacking the 123 field over and over. He'd go, get caught, go, get caught, go. Finally, he went and opened up half a lap. Well, I was there for my teammates after racing earlier in the day. I figured I would go to the front and do everything I could to bridge. Only 2 other dudes came with me. Then we were joined by bill collins. Ben King held off the four of us for 5k. I simply couldnt believe it. He's a tough kid.

Speaking of tough kids, I want to say thank you to all the people I have been leaning on for the past couple of days. I followed my "gut" and told RBC that I would be unable to deliver a decision this evening. The director was audibly upset with my words. But he said he respected my decision and was happy that he had the opportunity to meet me. I told him I would know more by the end of next week and would be in contact. He then informed me that he would be interviewing a bunch more people tomorrow and that it was highly likely that the position would be filled. I told him I understood and but needed to stick to my internship strategy. Again, he told me to keep in touch.

I interviewed with google and cisco today. In addition, I found out that McKinsey wants me to roll out to Atlanta for second rounds. Soon after, I found out Apple wants to interview. I also spent an hour on the phone with Intel today. There are some opportunities out there. Its just a matter of capturing them and showing my worth.

And did I tell you that I finally bought an SRM? Stoked. Cant wait to get that data up on a website. I wonder if I could integrate my Adobe software into a display package for all the world to see. If I could find some value added, I might not need a job at all--just live my life through google adsense.


Keith, I will call you back, I promise.

As for the recent events. I have about 45 mins to call the I bank and deliver my decision. However, not 2 hours ago I was invited to interview with McKinsey for 2nd rounds! Yes. My interview today with Cisco was the most enjoyable interview yet. That could be really good or really bad. Depending on how you cut it. My google interview was also interesting. I couldnt get a good feel for my interview. She was at least 3 years younger than me and I dont like that. I always feel better talking about myself to older people. But I told her that I was excited to give her a high five in a couple months and I think that will translate to a summer job.

What an awesome opportunity.

I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and prayers. The last couple days have been very tough. But I need to go call and deliver my decision. I pray that in 5 years I dont re-read this and regret anything.

Oh, I bought an SRM. No business doing that, but I wanted something distinctly positive out of today. At least I'll be a better training cyclist shortly.

First race of the year this Sunday. Isnt it only Feb?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Exploding job offers

An exploding job offer is when a firm says "take this job in the next
3 days or you're out!". RBC gave me one and I must tell them by
Wednesday my plans. Investment banking 7 days a week and 80-100 hours
per week. Sweet. What do you think. I am specifically looking for
comme ts on this one from everyone so pipe up! Rob, glover, sorrel,
Hippster, speak up!

I tried to find a definitive answer on Saturday during an 80 mile 8300
feet of climbing day. This hour long slugfest up mt diablo revealed
no answer (pic above). Neither did my 4 hours in front of the tv
today watching the super bowl.

I want my friends and family to weigh in.