Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Should be studyin'!

I have interviews with both Apple and Intel tomorrow. Thats Cool! However, I had some homework and I really wanted to get in a baseline power ride. Since it has rained 100 inches here in the past week, I spent an hour on the rollers watching Heroes Season 2.

I warmed up for 20 mins then started 20 mins of pain/power. I had to stop at the 30 min mark to change the dvd. I also had some other hiccups in the process which are easy to see. However, I managed 321 watts avg for 20 mins. I really wish I had my power meter last year to measure during my peak fitness. Nonetheless, I think I will need to be up around 400 if I want to be competitive collegiately (considering my weight). Actually, I'm pretty embarassed to be putting this up, so I hope I get some responses.

So now I have a baseline. No place to go but up. Geno, what's your 20 min numbers? Terry? Bryan? GLover?


Kyle Jones said...

You need to spend 30 minutes warming up dude. 15 minutes warmup. 5 minutes medium tempo. Hard Jumps with recovery like 3 of them. And then go.

Try and be steady the whole time. The thing hurts like a bitch. If you could do 400 I would get on my knees and say I am not worthy. I can only hold 400 for about 4-6 minutes. Hard. I weigh 189 so I am also a big guy. Looking at your file you might be able to hit 330-335 right now. Next time highlight the 20min peak power also under the selection, it will show your info because what we see is your overall ride info.

The Allen Family said...

Hey, it's your cousin. Just wanted to let you know we changed our site since our new addition. It is now www.maisonlibbyandizzy.blogspot.com

Yikes, I know it's long, but I couldn't come up with anything cool.

Looks like you've been busy! If you get the Apple job, does it come with free computers for like cousins, 2nd cousins, in-law cousins?

Shoot me an email some time!

Danny said...

Jimmmm, got up to 400 for 8 hard minutes. I can pretty much hold that for 30+ minutes...


Glover said...


Gene Fowler said...

358 is my best
normal on the Road Bike is is 335ish

your numbers for inside on rollers are through the roof.