Monday, August 31, 2009


New product design class was not really awesome in that it was more
arts and crafts rather than theory. However, I did score some awesome
cat material. As little John would say -

random thoughts

Scaling and stickiness.

Why is it that it has taken me my entire life to truly understand these two concepts mean?

Think like this:

Stickiness. What are things that you need everyday? Food, water, shelter--Yes. Comraderie, fellowship, news, justice? There are primal necessities and social designs in which you participate every day. Stickiness is the concept that you will continue to spend your time doing these things. Everyone needs to eat, sleep, and receive input. So food has been important throughout time. Fellowship has also been important (no man is an island). Information flow or access to information has been paramount. Every person on the planet engages in these things. Hence, scale.

Scale. Networks of great size increase in complexity and richness. That ability to scale builds the network. The network in itself, is not valuable. It is the sometimes the size of the network alone that is valuable. The ability to rapidly scale enables wealth migration, value creation, and stickiness.

I urge you to consider stickiness and scale in all that you do today.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I hate grocery shopping so much that I am considering leaving the grocery store now so that I can return later

Friday, August 28, 2009

Spent the morning at a hedge fund. Rode 45 miles in Marin. Then Q-tip. Now Pearl Jam. Wow

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Design and systems thinking class was good. Looks promising. Prof was at HP and is energetic. Still need one class that fits into my schedule
Usaa let's you deposit checks using the camera on your iPhone. Anywhere, anytime. Banking disrupted

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Esquire Slash GQ Tuesday

The cover of GQ has a youthful micheal jackson pictured when he used to melt hearts all over the world. I could care less.

More interesting was my "I havent bought groceries in a month" trip to SafeWay for cereal, milk, and bread. I was waiting for Grandma moses who was at least 97 to find her credit card to pay for her daily groceries. I picked up GQ and was amazed to find out that Andy Roddick was married to Ms Brooklyn Decker (pictured above). An absolute stunner, I was happy that she went to a seemingly standup guy.

I have no idea how relationships work and will never pretend that I do. I wonder how you make it work when your husband is the best tennis player in the country and you are an SI swimsuit model. I guess that people like that just dont have to worry about finances, time management (models work a day a month), or progressing their careers. So I find it interesting that these uber couples form.

I went to a good friend's wedding this past weekend and I understand why they will work. They are both pretty low key and not too much gets either of them excited. They dont piss each other off and they both understand what gets the other one going. That all makes sense. I wonder if that exists for everyone. I think it prob doesnt.

Anyway, I got a Flip camera when I left Cisco. Much to my dismay, I still had to pay for it. But I'm gonna do my best to start posting some videos. You can check out flips at

Keep your head up jarrett. You'll figure it out. This is a good life lesson you are facing.

The Navy? Wick, talk to as many people as possible, but you need to understand that service is hard work with little financial reward. I was lucky, invested wisely, and love bikes--so it looks like I have more than I do.

Also, I need a new universal joint in my truck. Anyone have any idea how much that should cost me?
School tomorrow. What?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Esquire Tuesday

This photo of Kata Mara reminded me of the red-neck-dom that wick projects on his facebook profile pic. Then I remembered that Wick doesnt look anything like Kate--the football betting betty.

Esquire thinks she's not bad to look at and neither do. So thats cool.

Track race in 1 hour. Two days of the internship left and my clock couldnt tick slower.

Big ups to jarrett for racing in belgium today. Wow.

And danny, I left that light on for over a week. So my truck batt probably wouldnt make it through that drain.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Had my chain too tight and 120mm stem was too long on we'd night at the track. Loosened the chain and put the original 100mm stem back on and I had a ton more power


I left my glove box open and the light there drained my batt. Had to
get a jump from my roomate's ultimate Berkeley car. The prius jumped
me no prob. At least he's not pius like the rest of Berkeley prius

Thursday, August 13, 2009

7 more days at cisco. Final push. Had no power at the track last night. I dont think i ate enough throughout the day. It was cool to have my first cheerleader in attendance

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just had lunch with cisco senior vp Don Proctor. Cancer survivor, father, billion dollar biz manager, and amazing person
Just had lunch with cisco senior vp Don Proctor. Cancer survivor, father, billion dollar biz manager, and amazing person
Sidi carbon mtn shoes half off. I have a serious probleM in that my cycling shoes are worth more than all my other shoes combined

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It was really good to talk to Sonny on my drive to work. Congrats on the twins. "I'm crashin Jimmy!"

Esquire Tuesday

I like Rachel Weisz because she's not manufactured and seems like a real girl. Some of these other girls would never go to a baseball game, or watch a bike race. Crit racing is hard, crashes are real, and people get hurt. That element of violence has always been a draw for me. Just ask Elliot with hishelmet-shaped dent in his forehead after hitting a drain draw-down in a twilight crit. Heal up quick pal.
It was really good to talk to Sonny on my drive to work. Congrats on the twins. "I'm crashin Jimmy!"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Esquire Tuesday on Sunday

I missed last tuesday. TOns to write here, but I need to share the following. I made it home from Hot August NIghts Old Timer's Car show in Reno in time to watch Entourage. One question: who the hell is E's new GF and why would he choose her over Emmanuelle Chriqui? WTF? Well, after looking at the above pics, I have decided that her 'alien-I dont ever eat-and I weigh 87 lbs" self is fine with me. What do you think? Women (read: mom), I expect to hear your opinion.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I loves justice and I love files

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 40 lap track points races. Won the first. Took 2nd in the next. Won a pound of peets coffee. But I don't drink coffee

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fallen rider

Ryan is a former Navy surface warefare officer now at the Haas school
of biz with me. His fiancée Brooke has been begging me to take her on
a ride for months. Yesterday was nice enough so I took her down the
treacherous wildcat canyon. Wanting to look "cute," she opted out of
gloves but said a helmet was ok.

Well, she made it down the very curvy descent with no problem. Worked
her way back up the hill with a goodsweat,"this is just like spinning"
she proclaimed.

Just as her confidencewas peaking, she took a flat corner a little too
fast and drifted outside. She got to the brakes late and was already
in the gravel just off the road before she napped a handful of
brakes. Front tire locked up and she looked like menchov jn the last
k of the giro. She tore up her hand and knee (no big deal if you ask
me) and milked the whole crashng thing for quite a while. I have
crashes Like this on the mtn bike
2 or 3 tines a ride. Bit I took it easy on her because she is getting
married in a couple of weeks.

I kept telling her that the men at the wedding would respect her more
if she shows up with a nice scar and some road rash on her leg.

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