Monday, August 3, 2009

Fallen rider

Ryan is a former Navy surface warefare officer now at the Haas school
of biz with me. His fiancée Brooke has been begging me to take her on
a ride for months. Yesterday was nice enough so I took her down the
treacherous wildcat canyon. Wanting to look "cute," she opted out of
gloves but said a helmet was ok.

Well, she made it down the very curvy descent with no problem. Worked
her way back up the hill with a goodsweat,"this is just like spinning"
she proclaimed.

Just as her confidencewas peaking, she took a flat corner a little too
fast and drifted outside. She got to the brakes late and was already
in the gravel just off the road before she napped a handful of
brakes. Front tire locked up and she looked like menchov jn the last
k of the giro. She tore up her hand and knee (no big deal if you ask
me) and milked the whole crashng thing for quite a while. I have
crashes Like this on the mtn bike
2 or 3 tines a ride. Bit I took it easy on her because she is getting
married in a couple of weeks.

I kept telling her that the men at the wedding would respect her more
if she shows up with a nice scar and some road rash on her leg.

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Glover said...

No offense intended, BUT, if this is intended to be the substitute for Esquire Tuesday, we will definitely need more skin than that

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