Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Esquire Slash GQ Tuesday

The cover of GQ has a youthful micheal jackson pictured when he used to melt hearts all over the world. I could care less.

More interesting was my "I havent bought groceries in a month" trip to SafeWay for cereal, milk, and bread. I was waiting for Grandma moses who was at least 97 to find her credit card to pay for her daily groceries. I picked up GQ and was amazed to find out that Andy Roddick was married to Ms Brooklyn Decker (pictured above). An absolute stunner, I was happy that she went to a seemingly standup guy.

I have no idea how relationships work and will never pretend that I do. I wonder how you make it work when your husband is the best tennis player in the country and you are an SI swimsuit model. I guess that people like that just dont have to worry about finances, time management (models work a day a month), or progressing their careers. So I find it interesting that these uber couples form.

I went to a good friend's wedding this past weekend and I understand why they will work. They are both pretty low key and not too much gets either of them excited. They dont piss each other off and they both understand what gets the other one going. That all makes sense. I wonder if that exists for everyone. I think it prob doesnt.

Anyway, I got a Flip camera when I left Cisco. Much to my dismay, I still had to pay for it. But I'm gonna do my best to start posting some videos. You can check out flips at


Keep your head up jarrett. You'll figure it out. This is a good life lesson you are facing.

The Navy? Wick, talk to as many people as possible, but you need to understand that service is hard work with little financial reward. I was lucky, invested wisely, and love bikes--so it looks like I have more than I do.

Also, I need a new universal joint in my truck. Anyone have any idea how much that should cost me?

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