Monday, August 31, 2009

random thoughts

Scaling and stickiness.

Why is it that it has taken me my entire life to truly understand these two concepts mean?

Think like this:

Stickiness. What are things that you need everyday? Food, water, shelter--Yes. Comraderie, fellowship, news, justice? There are primal necessities and social designs in which you participate every day. Stickiness is the concept that you will continue to spend your time doing these things. Everyone needs to eat, sleep, and receive input. So food has been important throughout time. Fellowship has also been important (no man is an island). Information flow or access to information has been paramount. Every person on the planet engages in these things. Hence, scale.

Scale. Networks of great size increase in complexity and richness. That ability to scale builds the network. The network in itself, is not valuable. It is the sometimes the size of the network alone that is valuable. The ability to rapidly scale enables wealth migration, value creation, and stickiness.

I urge you to consider stickiness and scale in all that you do today.

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Glover said...

However, the US Gov't is an organization built on perhaps the biggest organizational scale in the world, and, for the most part, it is neither effective nor cost-effective. Less Gov't would be more effective and more cost-effective. I believe this example demonstrates that scale is not the goal, nor necessarily the answer to achieving great things. Results and quality must not suffer for the sake of scale.

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