Monday, February 2, 2009

Exploding job offers

An exploding job offer is when a firm says "take this job in the next
3 days or you're out!". RBC gave me one and I must tell them by
Wednesday my plans. Investment banking 7 days a week and 80-100 hours
per week. Sweet. What do you think. I am specifically looking for
comme ts on this one from everyone so pipe up! Rob, glover, sorrel,
Hippster, speak up!

I tried to find a definitive answer on Saturday during an 80 mile 8300
feet of climbing day. This hour long slugfest up mt diablo revealed
no answer (pic above). Neither did my 4 hours in front of the tv
today watching the super bowl.

I want my friends and family to weigh in.


Kyle Jones said...

How long will the 80-100 hour weeks be. Good by cycling. You will be absolutely trashed.

Glover said...

go w/ your gut

Gene Fowler said...

No matter how wealthy, we all only have 24 hours in a day.

fulfillment does not come from 80-100 hours of work unless it is what your creator has called you to.

Chris said...

J-dubs, this is not easy stuff.

Think about where you want to be and what you want to be working towards in life. Balance that against what will make you happiest as well as financially secure.

We'll say a prayer for you.

Rob D. said...

You have to weigh earning a nice amount of money with no time to use the money versus getting an average paycheck and having time to do the things in life that you enjoy. I obviously do not make a fortune working in education, but I do not have any debt, plus I have more than enough time to do everything non-work related that I want to do. I have had the option for years now to progress up to another position that pays $20,000 more, but it also involves working year round which I have never done, and probably never will.

Danny said...

This is your first offer correct? Do not take it on based on being worried you won't get others, I am sure they are out there. I agree with the other comments and ideally you do not want to be locked in long term to hours like that. BUT if it is an investment of time up front for a future (not too far) payoff then its worth a look. I think with any great company, and to do REALLY well, it takes 40+ hours a week regardless. If you can live off $60k then you'll work a max 40hours, If your aspirations are VP/ C-level then you are looking at long hours, hard work, BIG CHECKS. Retire at 55...

Get into sales and get the $$$ and have the freedom

Anonymous said...

If you are looking at 80-100 hrs a week... then I would say no. The $$$ will be nice but there would be no time for fun... and if Jim can't bike... then that makes for a crabby jim! lcb

Anonymous said...

Find something to tide you over until the whole corporate jet thing becomes fashionable again. Position yourself to casually mention your piloting skills over lunch, cocktails or the links.