Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ben King and Lance

I dont know how I found this, but Ben King and Lance were out riding in my next of the woods today. Pulled the pic from Lance's tweet.

Ben King is a tough kid. I would pretty much do anything to be U23 again. Anyway, this summer, in Langley, Ben King just kept attacking the 123 field over and over. He'd go, get caught, go, get caught, go. Finally, he went and opened up half a lap. Well, I was there for my teammates after racing earlier in the day. I figured I would go to the front and do everything I could to bridge. Only 2 other dudes came with me. Then we were joined by bill collins. Ben King held off the four of us for 5k. I simply couldnt believe it. He's a tough kid.

Speaking of tough kids, I want to say thank you to all the people I have been leaning on for the past couple of days. I followed my "gut" and told RBC that I would be unable to deliver a decision this evening. The director was audibly upset with my words. But he said he respected my decision and was happy that he had the opportunity to meet me. I told him I would know more by the end of next week and would be in contact. He then informed me that he would be interviewing a bunch more people tomorrow and that it was highly likely that the position would be filled. I told him I understood and but needed to stick to my internship strategy. Again, he told me to keep in touch.

I interviewed with google and cisco today. In addition, I found out that McKinsey wants me to roll out to Atlanta for second rounds. Soon after, I found out Apple wants to interview. I also spent an hour on the phone with Intel today. There are some opportunities out there. Its just a matter of capturing them and showing my worth.

And did I tell you that I finally bought an SRM? Stoked. Cant wait to get that data up on a website. I wonder if I could integrate my Adobe software into a display package for all the world to see. If I could find some value added, I might not need a job at all--just live my life through google adsense.



Kyle Jones said...

Hey what are your degrees in to be getting all these interviews. I will have to look into those. Haha.

Wick said...

He's gettin a HTFU degree. Those are in high demand fo sho.