Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tour of California & 5 hours of Rain

I rocked North to Santa Rosa (home of Levi Leipheimer) after my horrendous east coast swing to ATL. I was stoked to stand in the rain for 5 hours and enjoy the sights. The racing turned out to be outstanding as well. Below are a bunch of pics.

We watched the final right at the 200m to go mark.

Rain for 4 hours. North Face kept my top dry. Phones to chat with people on the phone. Lots of calls this day!

This new PRO disc has carbon around the hub. Hot.

Read below.

Stein Devolder's Flanders Winning Bike!

I'm a Lance Fan.

This poor girl was cold. Just like the rest of the crowd.

Lightest bike in the expo. Got wick's bike by pounds!


Rad 2x9 lightness.

Hot GT? Is that a contradiction?

This bike was special.

1214 is the number of days in retirement for Lance. 27.5 represents the number of MILLIONS of people who didnt win their fight with cancer in those 1274 days.

Best paint I've ever seen. This bike was beautiful.

Wick's bike on BIG sale.


Garmin Bikes were rad too.

Lightweights on a Focus. Nice.

I also rode the new electric Dura Ace. It was so nice. Honestly, better shifting than you've ever dreamed. Too bad its $4k.


Chris said...

J-dubs, thanks for the pics. I wish we could have been there. A lot of nice stuff there. Looks like Specialized is taking a page out of Cervelo's book. For Paris-Roubaix, Cervelo used to be able to claim (for the R3): 2 starts, 2 wins.

Wick said...

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! That bike doesn't have pedals cages or computer, not to mention low profile wheels, and its a BH which if you forgot is WEEEEAAK. Other than that pretty legit post. Those are some hot bikes, jealous I couldn't be out there to check it out myself.

Wick said...

PS-size 44 frames don't count when discussing the weight debate.