Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keith, I will call you back, I promise.

As for the recent events. I have about 45 mins to call the I bank and deliver my decision. However, not 2 hours ago I was invited to interview with McKinsey for 2nd rounds! Yes. My interview today with Cisco was the most enjoyable interview yet. That could be really good or really bad. Depending on how you cut it. My google interview was also interesting. I couldnt get a good feel for my interview. She was at least 3 years younger than me and I dont like that. I always feel better talking about myself to older people. But I told her that I was excited to give her a high five in a couple months and I think that will translate to a summer job.

What an awesome opportunity.

I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and prayers. The last couple days have been very tough. But I need to go call and deliver my decision. I pray that in 5 years I dont re-read this and regret anything.

Oh, I bought an SRM. No business doing that, but I wanted something distinctly positive out of today. At least I'll be a better training cyclist shortly.

First race of the year this Sunday. Isnt it only Feb?

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