Saturday, February 21, 2009

I found this pic on my buddy's facebook. Had to post it here. This is what bren wrote about the incident:

"I can't decide who I'd rather be- the pusher or the LiveClean devil. pissing off lance enough that he shoves you to the ground is almost as good as winning the Tour de France 7 times."

I guess the devil calls himself the "liveclean" devil--not livestrong. Messed up man. Check out the pitchfork. Personally, I think Lance is the man. I love all the naysayers. Bring it. Lance is a super-human. To ride to a 12th place finish after 3 years off is remarkable. Insane actually. This fat-boy devil deserves a good knock on his ass.

5000 ft of climbing in 65 miles today. Legs are coming back. Maybe I'll just take the summer off and ride my bike. Thoughts?


Wick said...

best thought youve had in months

Chris said...

Maybe Lance is just patting him on the shoulder? Probably not.

This yellow and black fat @$$ is bushleague. I hope he fell down.

On the Versus coverage today I saw Mic Rogers punch a crazy spectator in the neck.

Chris said...

Bike Snob NYC posted about the Lance incident as well. They have pictures of the bumblebee fatboy falling in the snow:

Phillip said...

do it man, you only live once! you may never get another opportunity like the summer comming