Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Absolutely no reason!!

There is absolutely no reason that I should be up at 1217 the night before I take the GMAT. I guess that I am justifying my actions because I have studied more than 100 hours for this damn thing. I just want it to be over.

This weekend, moms was in town. What an absolute blessing. I think that as her only son, I have a special relationship. Momma's boy I guess. I dont care what you say, there will always be merit to being a momma's boy. I am a momma's boy. I very much enjoyed our time, especially our time on the beach. Very nice. She jumped around in the water like a kid. Made me feel a little old to be honest, but it made my soul feel good to see her enjoy life like that. And that joy that I felt is the only thing that makes missing the most epic ride of the year easier. Shenandoah mtn 100 was this past weekend. K-blog just finished posting his write-up. Nice.

So wish me luck tomorrow and dont feel too bad. I have a 7 day trip to Moab scheduled for post MBA school application time. What a life! I cant wait. Just to tide me over:


Kevin said...

Bend it like Bender Homie!

T.Karnes said...

Glad to see your not studying! How was it?