Friday, September 7, 2007

So after some serious disappointment that I not did perform smashingly on the GMAT, I have realized that I get another shot. Wow. Its not so much a realization as it was a thorough scouring of several websites and the understanding that most school only want your highest score--unlike the LSAT. MBA programs want to show a high GMAT avg so that they can a elitist review when it comes time for rankings. So the good news is that I will take it again and perform better. Bad news is that I have to study all the while preparing my own essays and getting my superiors (and Gags) to work on recommendations.

All this means that the bikes are getting serious neglect. Damn shame.

A serious question in the world is why steal. I was disheartened to learn today that B & K Shipp had two bikes stolen out of there garage. Sickening. I think you know that my house was broken in to, and many items were taken last year. So to learn that one more person was robbed in my neighborhood upsets me. THe good news is that they will probably get some nice cash from insurance and will most likely be able to get newer and better bikes!

Dopers Suck and Robbers SUCK!

Through my fall time fun there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A couple of friends and I are headed to MOAB for 4 days of fat tire heaven. If you are a fat tire kid and want to go, let me know! Maybe we can meet up.



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Tests suck too!

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yet again, why am i not on your links