Tuesday, September 25, 2007

That last essay is out. Its just no good and not telling enough. Liz, thanks for the edit. I very much appreciate it.

This Friday I am headed out to the carrier for some student attempted qualification. There is nothing more scary for a pilot than to NOT be flying and watching someone else make mistakes where there is such a small margin for error. So I have that to look forward to.

Plus my first round of essays is due tuesday afternoon. My goal is to get them up on Sat. Wish me luck!

And keep posting blog-father and mclovin! I need your distractions to keep me sane!



T.Karnes said...

chicka chicka yeah.

Terry said...

Good luck Jdub

Mandy said...

love the fact that you're processing your essays online. if i had been in the blogosphere back in the day of mba apps, i mighta done something similar. then again, maybe not.
but i digress. keep the ideas coming. i like the "voice" you express. and darden loves military folk. some of my fave classmates were in the armed forces. they are a great presence in class. good perspective.

smeeeotch said...

yo son its elliott! how ya livin?