Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long Day

The days are long here. This weekend was pretty good though. I spent yesterday sleeping in and doing not a whole lot. I was happy to install my friend Jan's king HS. Took me back to the days when wick and I used to blow it up in my garage for hours on end. Then I went for a 1.5 hour road ride with 2000 feet of climbing. I contend thats a hard ride, probably equal to a 50 mile ride in VA. What are your thoughts?

Spent today riding dirt on Mt Tam. Now this is the home of mtn biking. It all started here. And to be honest, its really good. Its not Massanutten or Noble Canyon, but for being 15 mins away, I feel blessed to be able to ride. It always brings me back to center.

I have spent this afternoon listening to music and completing mindless task required of me. I got to speak with a bunch of my family on the phone and that was valuable to me. Also brings me back to center.

A couple thoughts have been lingering in my mind about things I have been meaning to do/say. First, K-blogg, the kids look good in the 757-CX kits.

Second, there is no need to ever have an adult beverage and then even try to drive. This happened this weekend to some good friends of mine. Serious, no need. Just take a taxi. It amazes me that anyone who can get into a top 10 business school doesnt contain the ability to determine that two drinks is not OK to drive. I am thankful that my friends are ok in that respect. FOr you young kids out there and old people who are not smart enough to figure it out, just dont drive. No one can stop you from drinking, but why bother with driving. Even if you have just one, it'll impare your decision making ability.

Sorry so somber, but it needs to be said.

Mary, good chatttin with you.

Annie, good chatting with you.

Pete N, good chatting with you.

Mom, I love you.



T.Karnes said...

your ride doesnt even contend with the bear the kid had today! 4.5 hours, 7000 feet of climbing!
100% LEGIT! E Cradds was riding strong, but not strong enough to back his smack talk thru the week! Keith was a monster. I threw in the towel after my solo effort. Wish the srm worked :/

oh well. seems like everything is going well.

AP said...

Agreed. Drink and drive not good not good

Wick said...

you know you miss the ridiculously flat and windy tidewater rides! who needs hills when you have gale force winds.