Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

This fun young girl sold me a burrito and was sassy with the shirt.

Effen vodka? Yep. Effen Vodka!

This guy is a prince and a cancer survivor! Happy Thanksgiving.

A couple quick pics to ponder.

The best is without question the photo of Brett's T-shirt. Good thing he already has a high heel wearing 20 month old son and a precious 4 year old daughter!

This thanksgiving was spent sleeping in and enjoying 75 degree windy weather. I am watching ozzie (shippy's dog) and loving it. I also got a good ride today. That made me feel very good considering my total rides for the month of oct and nov have totalled less than my fingers.

I promise to update more and give my mother my Christmas wishlist. Anyone have any suggestions for what I should ask for?

I want the move 24 Solo where Chris Etaugh almost dies trying to win his 7th world title in 24 hour solo mtn bike racing. And I think I need some pink troy lee gloves for the winter time. Hot baby, hot!

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T.Karnes said...

you get that girls number?