Monday, November 10, 2008

Not a medieval torture device

My tool box is now complete. My mom wanted me to give her a Christmas
list, but I ordered the last possible thing I will ever need for my
bike toolbox about a month ago.

This headset race pulled is no joke and will allow me to
professionally yank off races. Why is that important? When you have
a full carbon steerer and wick nasty (high school kid with no bike
wrenching experience) using a screw driver and a hammer to pull off
your race, this investment will save you hundreds of dollars!

Disclaimer: wick nasty is no longer in high school but he would still
try to pull a race with a flat head and hammer. Boo. Also, he claims
that he is riding full sram red now. I have yet to see any pics so
can someone substantiate this tomfoolery? Or will someone send me a

Still waiting for heroes season 2. Vets day tomorrow!


Wick said...

oh son.

Wick said...

PS thanks for the call out guy, haven't gotten one of those in a while.

D-BO!! said...

thatz one badazz tool....but seriously , is there really something wrong with the old screwdriver and hammer method??