Friday, December 5, 2008

Finals week and who is this riding with my boy Chris?

I cant believe that I turn 32 this month.  I dont feel old.  

Just a couple thoughts and thank yous. 

First, thanks to Tkarnes for finally changing out that beach cruiser stem.  I was seriously worried about his Sunday afternoon SRM-equipped va beach bike.  Nasty.  It looks respectable now with the proper stem.  Also, big ups to Tkarnes for hooking me up with Hincapie.  As most of you know, I was robbed this summer and much of my riding gear was yanked.  I now have enroute a couple new kits direct from the source.  Thanks!

Look at my boy Chris.  Legit is legit.  Thats the man he's riding with.  Granted, Chris had to endure testicular cancer to get this photo, but still, Lance is Lance.  And Chris is the man.  You are in my prayers everyday pal!  But seriously, this photo is LEGIT!  In this case, you can be wearing whatever team kit you like!  Honestly, I'm not sure Lance would have allowed any other kit beyond Astana in his riding group.

Lastly, thanks to everyone helping me out with school.  Its full firehose right now and I am barely able to keep my nose above water--much less ride.  Only 9 more days and all the pain will be over.  


Wick said...

It doesn't get more legit than that. Way to go Chris, Ive got to give credit where credit is due and this picture represents all that is awesome in cycling slash life! Whether it is overcoming obstacles, reaching a goal, or meeting a hero. This picture with Lance is awesome. Congratulations on riding with the man, I envy you.

T.Karnes said...

the bike is normal now, I am happy. Now, to get a new bottom bracket and my srm fixed cough cough wick!

Glad the boys in SC were able to help you out. I want to see pics!

Wick said...

I take that as your version of saying,"thankyou for the free bottom bracket Wick, I appreciate you getting me something so I can ride my bike until I get something of my own."

T.Karnes said...

had i known it was going to ruin the threads on my srm, i would have passed.

Chris said...

Wick, thanks, I appreciate it. It was pretty cool chatting with Lance, a once in a lifetime experience. Will I see you up DC way for some races this year?

Wick said...

I'll definitely be up there as much as possible. Reston for sure and as many others as I remember to sign up for. I gotta get JW to fly back for reston too, he's two years running a winner there.