Sunday, January 20, 2008

Berkeley MBA

I am at mcarren and hate to admit that I already checked on southwest
how much it would cost to push my flight back one day. Las vegas
layovers aside, my trip was very productive.

I was able to stay at a friends house while she and her boyfriend
enjoyed their weekend pass at Heavenly. That in itself should give
you an idea about some I'd the differences Haas offers- no class on
Fridays! Anyway, I enjoyed dinner in downtown Berkeley on Friday
niight and then a viewing of Cloverfield.

A friend borrowed my truck and managed to lock the keys in the truck
as it was running. So I lost a good 16 mins of the movie but enjoyed
it otherwise. Nothing more than movie entertainment.

I woke up Saturday and spent a couple hours preparing for my
interview. I walked to the Berkeley school and found 100 other
applicants ampere for super saturday. I ran into another Annapolis
kid and enjoyed sharing stories with him.

After a brief intro to the day, we had lunch with a student. Then,
two hours of informational sessions. Finally, I had my interview. My
interviewer was a cal under Grad who went to work for the haas school
right after graduation. She was at least 4 years younger than me so
that was a little awkward. But it was an enjoyable experience because
I love telling sea stories. Most of them incredible and she was
easily amused. I believe that worked in my favor.

After the interview, we toured the school and then went to a mixer at
a local hotel. Cool.

I really like the feel of haas and am excited about jan 29--decision

Most of you know that the west coast suits me and my mentality. It
would be an awesome place to go to school. One of their slogans is
confidence without arrogance. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Also cool to note is that this entire blog posting was completed via
my cell phone. Communications are improving on the world daily.

Decisions release dates: Berkeley-jan 29, UVA (darden)--feb 1.

No full throttle or coke this year!

What a beautiful clock tower on the Berkeley campus!


EMG said...
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Kevin said...

Thats no cell phone sucka!
It's an iPhone!!!
Good luck Jay 2 da Dub!