Thursday, January 10, 2008

What Should I write for this Essay? HELP!!!

I am currently in my pain cave as I like to call it. I force myself into the computer room to write. Tonight, I am working on my Columbia application essays. I can tell you that after writing 20+ essays in the past couple of months--all about myself and how wonderful I am and how I am going to change the world with my business degree, I am about to vomit. But, I found out today that Columbia accepts applications from military people for $free.99 (I would have to pay $250 otherwise), so I figured I may as well submit an application. The worst Columbia can do is tell me No.

So I am contemplating one essay concerning the entrepreneurial mindset. "Explain how you have captured an opportunity." What a horrible essay. I initially penned a quip about buying and selling a home in socal, taking advantage of the hot market. I sent this email to a friend and he quickly reminded me that every soul in the past 5 years has done this and it probably lessens my chance for admission--yawn! So I am contemplating what else to write. ANy ideas?

On a completely separate topic, I called HBS and Stanford today. No interview invites yet but I was told both schools invite to interview up until the last day (right). So the twine is unravelling and I still choose to hang onto the last bit of hope. Then, after finding a blog from another MBA hunter, I find that HBS actually waitlists without interviewing. Ouch. Or yeah! depending on your perspective. So all is not lost with respect to #s 1 & 2.

Wick and I rolled a quick 25 today. It was a welcome change from the office. It was funny because I remind Wick that riding his million dollar white sidis in the winter is a bad idea. Today was day 3 for him riding them and it started to rain. I have never seen him climb the Berkley bridge so fast. He really wants to keep his shoes white--good man.

There are so many places in my life where I think snobs and pretentious people suck. But everyone who knows me well understands that I love being a bike snob. The amazing thing is, there are people who are more of a bike snob that me (fowler comes to mind, maybe the S in SR racing too).
White shoes for 2008!!!! (only on sunny days)

I'm off to enjoy an episode of my recent addiction:


Big E said...
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Kevin said...

I love "Heroes"!

Liz Schleeper said...

I think you should write about Ipswitch being a metaphor for life in Hampton Roads.