Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Final Flyer Taken!

As I am a rider at the core, I feel the above accurately represents how I perceive options. For those so adept in all the lingo I maintain (military, pilot, bike racing, and gangster rap), a Flyer is a racer who just puts it all out there in an effort to win a race. That racer commits to his effort knowing that even if he doesnt win that particular race, he'll garner respect from the other racers --if he is able to hold off the peleton or initiate the move that selects the race winner.

This afternoon, amidst the 10 minute Norfolk snow flurries, I took my last flyer and submitted my last application to Columbia in New York, NY. Lucky application #6 was definitely easier than previous submissions but still a two week process and pain in my tail. I answered essay questions with the intention of showing who I am and my goals. I hope that someone on the admissions board sees me as unique--Navy pilot, Alaska grown, bike racer, gentleman, tsunami relief humanitarian. The more I dive into this particular world, the more I realize it is important to know someone, or have an amazing story. Since I only know about 10 people in general, I hope my story holds up.

Now two nights to prepare for a Berkeley interview in CA this Saturday!

Again, if you visit, please visit my comment page. Always curious!

And Hans, what is talking rain? Is that a vegas magic potion?


Big E said...
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lukeharville said...

dude that sounds soooo cool good job finishing all your essays

somegeek said...

This is the stuff - http://www.talkingrain.com/product-sparkling-essence.shtml - most supermarkets carry it. No magic - just sparkling water with some flavor and no calories.