Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy to be alive in Austria

ok, no pics this time. and no punctuation. and the z and y are reveresed on this kezboard.

Chris and I finally made it to St. Anton, Austria after 4 cancelled flights and some train confusion. we slept in becuase of the time difference. this morning, we woke up at 8 and hit the slopes with the group of people that all travelled here from all over the globe. one guy is from colorado and I chose to ski with him because we are on par skill level. on about our 10th run, JUST OFF THE LIFT, Dan was 100 meters in front of me and we were tag teaming our way down. his line broke fee and he was caught in an avalanche. I stopped immediately and just watched him disappear. I remember thinking there was nothing I could do but watch.

about 30 seconds later I see his head pop out of the snow and breathed a sign of relief. I yelled and asked how he was, worried that if I were to help him, he would be in another avalanche. I skiied on the ice down to him and (huge powder day, but the av made it like an ice rink). we started our waz down with his shoulder dislocated and missing one ski. I was terrified for him and our path was not a good one. His ski went about 1000 feet below and people were looking for him down at the runout thinking he was burried. He was safe but shook.

Soon, a helo came and dropped off dogs and picked him up. The helo left with him on a rope. I started gingerlz working my way down more than freaked out.

the helo came back and picked me up too. Awesome! only $3500 euros ($6000 us) later, I get to go free. I am praying that his insurance covers it because I was only trying to help him! I could have just skiied out of there! A guy even walked back up to me to get Dans other ski!

Anyway, I am still shaking from seeing someone almost die and am unhappz about my helo bill.

I may come home early now because I am broke as a joke!


Glover said...

Our 50 mile team ride today was free! Glad you are OK.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are ok!! That must have been scarier than hell!!
Stay safe!! Easter dinner at my house today.... lcb

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that your OK. I hope that guy does pick up that bill, cuz that sucks, and if nothing else i think the reversed keys of y and z on the keyboard makes me pay attention more while reading. -wick

Liz Schleeper said...

Good work and glad you are safe. I once had to take a surprise flight and thought $150 was bad.