Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Next Day

After zesterday s snow terrifzing mess, I decided to staz off the slopes todaz. So I slept in and just walked around town while everzone else went skiing in bunnz suits. There is an apres ski pub where the DJ starts off the afternoon with the song the final countdown. I took a nap while everzone else went to the partz. Not reallz all that exciting, but it was good to just rest a bit.

Tomorrow Chris and I are working our waz over to Prague via train. We have 2 transfers in 9 hours and hope we dont miss anz conections. I was considering coming home earlz, but have decided that since I am here, I should do mz best to enjoz mzself. I am still concerned about the helo bill. The guz whom I was with has hayard insurance for this verz circumstance, and he seems to think that everzthing will work itself out.

The damn z and y kezs in europe are reversed and getting the better of me.

Besides that, everzthing is good.


Anonymous said...

The Y & Z keys are certainly mixed up... but strangely... can still make sense of things! Enjoy your trip... anxious to talk when you return. love ya!! lcb

Chris said...

You're always getting into something. I'm interested in hearing about Prague. I really loved the few days I spent there.