Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Should be working on Essays

I should be working on essays. I declined my invitation to UVA (Darden) and the half tuition scholarship that came along with it. I decided that I wanted to be on the west coast and Wharton still hadnt contacted me about moving from off the waitlist. So now I am doing everything in my power to apply for Berkeley scholarships. The cool thing is that scholarship I am now applying to is from the Power Bar founders. I think my riding closely parallels the same kinds of struggles these people enjoyed throughout their running lives and business careers. I just hope that I strike a cord with them--there are 3 full tuition scholarships up for grabs here!

Anyway, I wanted to give you a glimpse of my trip. This pic of the mountains at St. Anton, Austria was taken about an hour before the avalanche. As you can see, it snowed at least 10-12 inches of new fresh snow the day before and this day was absolutely epic. I want my mom to note this is the same ski jacket I received as a bday gift for my 18th bday in Alaska!

This pic is of the F&G building in Prague (Praha). Amazing design, somehow, these architects manage to meld into the rest of the baroque and Gothic buildings that dominate the city-scape. More on this later.

This is the view from just beneath the Prague Castle cathedral. I love gargoyles and this cathedral had hundreds. (again, more to come)

Finally, here is a pic that Chris took of me waiting for another late train. I have always claimed that a man who cant buck his own luggage isnt worth much.

Once I have a better handle on these next four essays, there will be many more posted pics and stories, including the full details of the avalanche and helo rescue.


Anonymous said...

yeppers~! I remember that Jacket!
WOW... you kept it all these years.
You got some Grandpa George blood in you after all.

I am excited to see more of your trip. I am not holding my breathe thou... I still am waiting to see pics of your peeps from AK. HA~~ lcb

T.Karnes said...

you look rough with that haircut guy! come to rock hill. and get those essays done. wrap that gavel up b!

Chris said...

helo rescue? do tell.

That building is very cool.

Anonymous said...

dude you might look rough at the train station, but nothing like after the race rockin out with those boots!! - wick