Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ollie, or anyone read German?

this is the best way I knew to get these documents to you. If anyone else can read German, I would love it if you could translate for me. These Austrians are trying to make me pay for services they did not render.

Again, I was in bounds, underneath a lift at a major ski resort. Was not hurt, did not need rescuing, but was forced into the rescue strop. My friend, whom I dug out of the snow, had a separated shoulder and I was just skiing (edging) down a couple feet below him so that I could stop him if he started to slide. The helo came and picked him up, then came back for me 4 mins later. I rode the helo for 1/3 mile and no more than 3 mins. It looks like they are charging me for 62 mins of flight time.

Of course the police were waiting for me the moment that I landed. They asked me a million questions. Anyone have any advice?

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