Sunday, April 20, 2008

The olympic champ

If bike porn exists, its not much different than this. Paola Pezzo won the olympic gold and used to crush all comers on the world cup circuit. I give props to Evolution Cycles in DC who have these two posters displayed.


Anonymous said...

w00t! and a half!

Chris said...

That is definitely hot.

Whenever Cezanne asks what I'm doing on the computer, I act overly surprised and coy and I reluctantly tell her I'm looking at porn. The truth is that I'm on velonews or cyclingnews and she knows it because she immediately says "oh really, who won today...? How did Cappuccino do?"

For those who don't speak Chris/Cezanne, Cappuccino is our nickname for Fabian Cancellara. Yeah, we're tight with him.

It's sad, but sometimes I think she would prefer it be true that I was looking at "standard porn" rather than my "bicycling porn" (race results... new tech...)