Monday, April 14, 2008

Say what you need to say

This past weekend was weird. I was pretty happy when I posted last. I was sitting in LAX waiting for my delay flight which I was assured would be timely enough to make my connector in the storm ridden Chicago. I was skeptical yet optimistic. I took the red eye back from Oakland because it was only $210 and I had a $150 voucher. Nice. Anyway, the flight out of LAX landed in Chicago at 602 am, 2 mins past my Norfolk flight departure time. Ok, no big deal, I'll just catch the next flight. All I need to do is go to customer service and rebook, maybe even catch another airline flight. No can do. 500 people stranded in line and most people were told that it would be Tuesday before they could fly out (it was sun morning mind you!). United was even refunding all tickets and just cutting people loose. So I would only have gotten $210. That's not nearly enough to buy a day of ticket even on Southwest. I took my chances and was placed on the standby list for next 2 flights, and confirmed on the 7 pm flight (13 hours later).

I was pretty upset because I really wanted to race my road bike at Langley. NO chance there.

Good news is that I made the last seat on the flight to norfolk. Lucky for me, it was a 1st class. Thats little reprise considering I was beyond tired. So I got home and charged up my dead phone. I had a voicemail from dan. His insurance was not going to cover my $7700 helo bill. Not cool. I was pissed I missed my race and discouraged about the helo bill. So I just got on my bike and tore off.

3 hours of riding therapy helped me calm my mood. Got home, swept the driveway and checked my email. Pete Johnson, admissions director at Berkeley, was awesome enough to give me a 1/2 tuition merit scholarship. Wow. I almost fell out of my chair.

Those who know me well know that I got sick a couple days after I turned down my 1/2 tuition scholarship at UVA. Thats just a ton of cash to say no to. But I felt that the better school ranking, smaller class size, and West coast location would better suit me in the long run. I stressed about being able to pay the $120k bill. This helps more than I can describe. I had to submit my tax information and I am pretty sure that my meager public service yearly pay is a factor in the scholarship. I guess I never realized how little military officers get paid compared to normal working professionals (consider enlisted military next time you think about cutting mil spending). I really feel like a serious weight and concern has been lifted from my shoulders. God really has a plan and all it takes is a little faith. I know that I am blessed.

I am placing my deposit for Cal today. Funny thing is, as I write this, I got an invite to interview at Columbia. I think I'll interview just for the experience. But tell me who could pass up views like these (see below).

Time to go put in 4 hours on the bike.


Glover said...

Awesome on the scholarship!! One big trip to Vegas will cover the rest and then it's all good.

Oregondann said...

Yes! Guess who's coming to visit? I can be to Berkeley in less than two hours by flight, 20 some hours by car, and 4 weeks by bike! finally I will get some press in this blog!