Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two 8ths

Today was marked by a little frustration and then some satisfaction.
The casey crit was soured (some would say) by rain. I always feel
like racing in the rain makes you hard, so I was happy to line up and
giveit a go.

The 1st race was a 3 race and frustrating. Nothing would stick and
everytime I tried to go, no one really wanted to work. Lucas found
opportunity with a 4 lap to go suicide flyer. A strong Steve, ian,
and frank surged ahead and found the top 4 spots. I lead out dan
craft for a bowl full of pissed off and disappointment.

An hour later the 1,2,3 race didn't look anymore promising. 7
Richmond pro guys and no teamates meant that
I could do whatever I wanted. No rain but plenty of crashes plus
everyone knew Richmond would rally. $2 to the 1st person to cross
each lap meant there was about $90 in priems. I just took off and
soon found myself off the front with 3 Richmond guys and two guys
really worried they were outnumbered. I had just housed the Richmond
guys the night before. Craig dotson and the team are doing good
things outside of riding their bikes. Check them out.

I have known craig for 11 years and he's been racing all this time.
He is doing what he can to let some boys race while creating a
positive social impact. Thanks craig, the world needs more vision
like yours. You are good people.

Anyway, we lapped the field and that made up for my horrible 3 race.
Long story short, Ryan was givng me a 3 lap leadout but cam holland
shot the inside line and I ended up 8th. I felt good the entire race
and a excited about heading up to ephrata next weekend.

Two races in rain and puddles meant that I ate some dirt.

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Chris said...

Welcome to 8th. It's been my place this year. Just a little frustrating.