Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Euro Is a Funny Place

It came to my attention last night that I hadnt given my peeps an update in a while. So here are a few more crazy pics from Europe. I am still hashing out the details of my avalanche and helo bill. I intend to give that entire story to the blog this evening with detailed pics. $8550 is now the tab. That whole ordeal is stressing me out.

Anyway, the mooservirt is an apres-ski pub. The drinking day started with the "Final COuntdown" and then continued in german drinking songs.

A view just before the avalanche. In bounds.

What a beautiful place.

Tough guy in a white shirt behind me, creepy girl trying to get into the picture, and me, posting where I was raised.

One of the weirdest episodes was one of my many train rides. This girl brought this rodent onto the train and stunk up our train car.

She loved the rodent dearly and let it crawl all over her. Rodent hair and poop everywhere. Chris asked her what the animal's name was. The girl replied, in a very heavy eastern euro accent "Bob!"

The Loo is different over there. NO seats.

This pic made me want some romerquelle. Not sure what that it, but I wanted some. I bought a coke light instead. $3 euros ($4.5 USD) is not a good deal.

Even the locals dress a little funny.

Night one of our trip. Lots and lots of snow.

The view from our porch at the hotel. It was a 1k trip down to the lift and town. You could catch a bus from 8 am to 4pm. Otherwise it was a $19 USD taxi. $19!!!! Dollars. Thats crazy! I ran it at least 8 times. Altitude training I guess.

More to come later.

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Anonymous said...

Finally~! nice pics.. especially the one that states... AK GROWN!
love ya.... lcb