Thursday, April 24, 2008

Really Late, Really Weird

Wick and I have been putting in some nasty time on the bike. I am trying to formalize reasons (goals) as to why I am doing that and shape my summer. But I have found that I just love it. I mean, we have spend at least 8 hours in the garage just tweaking setups and cleaning. I think my bike is finally clean enough to be represented this weekend. Tour of Ephrata in PA. Elliot (flavaflav), Lucas (watch your girlfriend son), and wick nasty and I will tackle 3 stages in 2 days.

Anyway, when CB and I rolled strong to Europe, we saw some really crazy stuff. Absinth is illegal in the US because it is a hallucinogenic. This bottle was really expensive (sold by an asian lady in Prague (asians own all convenience stores in the world)) and really sickening with the worlds largest beetle. Sick. Gross. Barf.

Then you have some really weird artistic statements. I think these east/west Europeans are really confused. In 2000, sculptures by Czech artist David Černý of crawling babies were temporarily attached to the prague tv tower's pillars. The sculptures were admired by many and were returned in 2001 as a permanent installation.

I will do my best to post from the road joker-style.


Chris said...

JW! Good luck this weekend buddy. Sounds like a cool race. I'll email you about the bike situation...but long story short is that I'll probably get a $550 credit from Trek towards a new frame...including the Cervelos they have in the store. They told me not to ride the bike anymore, it is too dangerous. So, looks like I'll be training on my Electra Townie for a few weeks :)

Anonymous said...

Absinthe actually isn't illegal in the US, you can buy it in stores. And this is the real absinthe, made from Artemesia Absinthium.