Monday, March 9, 2009

Good racing weekend

My second weekend racing collegiate level racing didnt disappoint. The Cal cycling team has 4 men's A riders. Each has their own strengths and without question, mine is not climbing. But I was never at a deficit on the bone flat 27mph crit in Santa Barbara. I'll still learning who everyone is and figuring out who is fast and who'll explode. I really looking forward to the opportunity to ride off in a break as no one knows me. I just need some more fitness and I should be able to do so.

Anyway, our A crit was 60 mins and flat and fast. Nothing stuck so our team went to the front with 3 to go. For some reason, other teams (UCLA, Davis, SLO, SB) let us stay up there all the way through to the finish. We had 4 of the final 7 spots. I was in 7th place happily content to sit on some wheels. My boys peeled off a little earlier than I would have liked and some of the guys started sprinting at about 400 meters. I thought this was a little early, but one guy just timed 3 jumps perfectly as he leap frogged from one fading sprinter to another. That should have been me. I just blew it and ended up 6th on the day besting about 40 riders. I was happy with that considering I dont have the miles I would like at this time of year.

Funny note: the kid who won was relegated to last because he raised his hands and tore off the course instead of following the marked path. The officials (who think he's a loud mouth-as do I) gave everyone fair warning about raising their hands. So it is rumored that my 6th might be a 5th. Ha!

The next crit was the Pro,1,2,3 and the U23 national champ justin williams was there in his stars and stripes. So there were about 5 rock racing guys, a bissel dude, and a high road columbia girl--kim anderson. It was weird seeing pro kits in my race. THe other thing was there was at least 120 people all fighting for wheels. It was crazy. The good news is that I was able to finish the race somewhere in the top half, bad news was that I was absolutely cooked after 140 mins of crit racing.

Legs didnt work today but my teammate got 4th. Nice job Lucas.

I'll post some more pics but this week is tough. 3 finals and a job interview. Yet here I am, up at 130 blogging.

Great job T-karnes for almost beating keith. Great job smelliot for working the break. Keith still gets the big-ups of the weekend for staving off all comers and taking 2 wins. I even heard there was a real kelly pro at the snowball--->what?????

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