Monday, March 16, 2009

Rough week

Last week was rough. 3 final exams, 3 interviews for one job, and
some personal info breakthroughs. This picture sums up the week--not
shaved, seriously overcast and a bad haircut. Waiting to hear from a
couple jobs for the summer time.

I did have a good experience at Santa cruz. 6500 feet of climbing in
22 laps of a miserable circuit race. I decided against racing on
Sunday because I just needed a day off.

Now I'm sitting in leadership class. It's pretty funny to me to hear
some very different perspectives. That's where I am stuck right now--
I'm engulfed in my own little corner of the world and need some better
perspective. Maybe next week's spring break will deliver that.

1 comment:

Chris said...


That looks like a normal haircut...

6500 feet of climbing in a circuit race? Crazy. I would take a few days off.

Had my first crash this Sunday. Guy in front of me ate it and I belly flopped on my back. Def could have been worse. Latched onto the pack on their next time around. Felt good, with little effect from the crash. Now, I'm sore from it a bit.

It needs to get sunny in San Fran, in more ways than one!