Sunday, March 29, 2009

My spring break didnt go the way I thought it would. To say the least. First, it is hard to admit, but I've just been down and out for quite a few weeks. Its hard for me to honestly say that to the 4 people who read this blog. I have spent quite a bit of time online trying to look at new ideas, new thoughts, new places. So I spent everyday in SF looking at things I had not seen previously. LIke this albino aligator at the CA Academy of Sciences. He got frisky and his lady-friend bit off his pinky. Its easy to see that his forward right hand is shy a digit. Which brought me to wonder what would be worse, having your heart broke or just losing a pinky pinky finger.

I've also enjoyed some auto trouble lately. I picked up a nail in my tire. I paid an insane amount to get the run-flat replaced at the dealer. Sweet for me, the dealer thought they'd leave some of their lift on my car skirt and front fender. So now I have to run back to the city to drop off my car and get it fixed. At least I dont have to pay for this mistake.

My riding has been absent. My last ride was on tuesday. I just havent had the heart to get on the bike in the past 5 days. Weird, I know. But I'm just not into right now. Funny thing is that I put out an all-time 20 min high of 377 watts at the Tuesday night Port of Oakland ride. 1032 10 second max. Liz Hatch was there. Jarrett Streebin was there. What more could you ask for?

Lastly, I did score a summer job. I thought things would be different at this moment. I thought I'd be celebrating and taking things by storm. But I'm apathetic. Yuck. I did try to change my power steering pump on the truck today. Got my ass kicked and now have two non-functioning cars. Never the one to not count my blessings--at least I have a nice car and bike-hauling vehicle. I am truly blessed.


Glover said...

Run flats suck!! My wife's pimped-out Honda Odyssey Touring came w/ those. Lasted 20k miles and cost over 1,300 for 4. So when it came time for my 2nd set of tires, I had the dealer completely replace all 4 wheels so I could eliminate the run flats

phillip (ryan said...

i would have cried if that was my car bender

Anonymous said...

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