Monday, April 6, 2009

This weekend was full of happenings to say the least. Started off with a low key friday afternoon and nothing friday night. I was planning on participating in our school's TTT early sat morning so just took it easy. Watched Trust Me with Tom Cavinaugh. Kids not bad. Also finished up season 7 of Scrubs. Not bad.

Sat's TTT brought out the B2 with full sub 9 disk and 1080 front. That bike is just so pretty. Still hard to believe I have it. Really hard to justify considering how little I actually use it. But who cares. I like it. Right off the start line, we dropped a rider because his cleat came off his shoe. I was pretty pissed because this kid is our phenom rider. Yep, started as a 5 last year and is already racing as a 1. Silly fast and a good climber. Just not the tactically savvy yet. Experience pays. Anyway, we had one guy struggling on the hills so me and the other kid waited for him. I would like to say we beat Stanford because they flatted. Yeah for Cal.

Took 55 mins to get the the city where it looked like wick with a torque wrench (ask tyler about this one) fixed my splash guard. Seriously out of alignment and the lines on the car just didnt flow. There was a 1/2 inch gap at one point. I was pissed and left the car there. They'll fix it to my liking or I'll make them give me an M3.

Then I went to the Cal Charter Gala hence the tuxedo. Not many opportunities have I to rip that thing out. It was amazing as Jennifer Maxwell presented the Maxwell fellows with a dinner table. What a great opportunity to learn from some amazing people. Brad (all black) is starting his own online medical records company. Sylvia (dark hair) is working for Unilever until she decides to jump into her own business, and Jennifer is the co-founder of powerbar. Yes, that powerbar. Cool. Amazing night with really interesting stories about Cal grads.

My sunday crit was just terrible. My tubie started to feel soft so I floated to the back to feel it out. I yelled to jarrett to hook me up with a new wheel. Well, he did such a good job, that I changed it just outside of the pit, and yes, they DQed me. Told me I could still race, but 3 laps down. I was very unhappy at this notion but decided it was good training anyway. So with my King on the rear and Classic on the front, I started out again, took 4 pedal strokes and my chain broke. Hung up the bike for the day and went home to cry on the my giant pillow.

Its been pretty rough lately. I am excited to shake this funk (somehow) and continue down a path towards hope and excitement. Thanks to my friends and family for helping me out. I really appreciate the friends who showed up for my race today. I am truly blessed.

Check out streebin's post to the right. He's a baller

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Anonymous said...

you are very dashing in a suit... something I don't get to see all that often!
WOW! -lcb