Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sea Otter Part 2

Again, all photo credits to Jan.

The most awesome part about sea otter is that nearly every bike company is there. The expo is huge. And this year the weather was awesome. Prob too awesome as I was kissed by too much of God's blessed sunshine. At least I'm set on Vitamin D.

Some of you are familiar with Liz Hatch. Jan loves her, as most riders do. She's marketed herself decently. But she always looks pissed when you see her. Considering she's prob most popular with male cyclists, maybe she should smile once or twice. She's nothing compared to Mandy Lazano who is both hot on the bike and smart, plus super cool. Yay for mandy finishing up her MBA at Darden. Thanks for all your advice by the way.

Yes, this company was at Sea Otter. I guess the owner just smokes dope, has sex, and rides bikes. He said that he is near "F-you money." I think I might develop a condom company and just let the cash roll in.

This is midday camp. It was awesome weather. Sea Otter is usually miserable wx. Laguna Seca raceway 7 miles outside of monterey.

Jan at 0700 on Sat. It was 40 degrees and froggy. Thats my $40 costco kelty tent that is still serving me well 15 years after its purchase.

Shep and I contemplating the cold weather. Breakfast was freezing each morning. The fellas made fun of me because I brought an $8 walmart air mattress for one. It rocked and I didnt have to sleep with a rock in my back.

This was a really cool contest at Fox. Basically, the chose 16 dudes (girls too). Groups of 4 had to hold an 8 pound bag at arms length. Person to keep their arm up longest wins $400 worth of gear (helmet, shorts, gloves, goggles, ect). The dude next to me was about 250 and a firefighter. I put up a good fight and both of our arms were convulsing like eric kuhn when he's low on blood sugar. However, I think the crowd didnt like my radars so they picked the other guy as we both dropped our arms from level at the same time. Oh well. Cool contest.

This kid had a sweet bike. No pedals. Made of wood. Rad blonde hair living the dream.

Check out this triple clamp!

Even the wheel chairs at sea otter are legit.

Tandem intense DH bike? Whaaat?

JHK about to get worked by Carl Decker in the Pro Short Track.

I didnt know that Todd Wells (first here) left GT for teh big S. Christoph Sauser led him out and then burped his tire. Christoph (world champ) was done for the day and Todd easily won the short track.

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