Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a bunch of random pics

Very foggy. Jarrett's tired specialized. My tight babyblue intense.

Shep, Jan, and me getting ready to race XC. Lots of clothes because it was cold!

Free-bird slash streebin

Shep was terrified! I joke I joke. Jan was sticking out his chest as all euro's do before a race.

Me with my tight new Troy Lee Jacket which the boys called my "bro" jacket. I was happy to find this jacket as annie was supposed to buy it for me for Christmas. She didnt, so I did.

Jarrett didnt understand that 185mm rotors are a little more powerful than ultegra SL brakes. He went over the handlebars and drug his knuckles across the pavement. Ahh mtn bikes.

The drive home was an awesome view.

'nough said.

Packed truck. I was sunburned and tired but still managed my best collegiate result--3rd place in the field sprint.

Streebin super happy. Safety first with the helmet on in the truck.

Why would you take pics in the tent? Why are you always so happy?

Turn that camera off son!

Of course I had to pack the truck every time while jarrett was off talking to some one about a deal on brake cables.

Happy kid. Its been a while since I've managed a smile from the bottom of my soul.


Jarrett said...

hey, teach me that trick where you add 20000 to your visitors count!

Chris said...

That picture of you in the tent with the sunburn, the "turn off the camera look" and that jacket is priceless.

Looks like a BA time...would love to get out there next year and mix it up.

Got your comment on the food pics and the Mountain TT. Got a 25 on the 404s for the TT. I don't have a slick sherpa type jacket/blanket like you had last year though...

Glover said...

I hope you are enjoying yourself. You will soon be in the REAL world (and the Navy did not count!)

Anonymous said...

the real world??? hah....the Troy Lee jacket rocks!!!d-Bo....