Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sea Otter part 3

Here's a bunch of pics I took at the expo.

Huhu, he said hub chub!

Sea Otter Signage

Jan, Shep and me at the campsite

A replica of John Tomacs 94 (I think) Norba national winning bike

The coolest bike at the expo.

I want this

Jan with the worst jersey of all time

Belt drive

Chub hub on a deep dish fixie. Why- because you can.

Industry 9 makes cool colors and deep dish now. Tkranes rode these last year.

Control Tech bringing the 2x9.

More colors from industry 9

If you have ever read a mtn bike mag, you've read zap espinoza. He's cooky, but knows his bikes.

Boonen won an important race on this bike.

If you turned the fast lap time, you won this bike. I didnt turn the fastest time. So I didnt win this bike.

Ken Bloch, of DC shoe fame, did a backflip in this car. Yes, a backflip. I wish I was a skater shoe maker and was worth about $700 mil.

electronic DuraAce. Di2

Skip Barber racing school cars lined up at laguna seca. yep, you pay $500 and can rail around the course in a carerra. Not too shabby

Open wheel carts. I love cars.

THis is the 500 HP Lexus IS F. Never seen one before this weekend. I want one of these too. M5 beater!

This is me cheesing it up after my crit win. Cool winners jersey and really cool cogs with a stem cap as the medal. Ballin white shoes and tall socks of course

Happy after my win.

Ok, admittedly, I should be working on my case, writing one of 3 papers due, or registering for the VA. But this bloggin must go on.

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