Monday, April 13, 2009

Good weekend

Had the opportunity to drive over to Marin and enjoy some dirt. Intense, specialized, and thule were all there for a dirt demo weekend. Check out this crazy single speed 29er pink!

Intense was pumped that I was on an intense bike, they gave me this shirt and socks for $free.99.

My powder white 5.5 still looks better than their fleet of red spiders

This was my playground for the day!

Friday night lit up the city well enough. This is the embarcadero tower right on the bay. It was nice to hang out with the fellas and enjoy the locals.

I cant believe I only have one more month of my 1st year of B school. Time has flown by. So far, each semester has been challenging for different reasons. The first semester was me trying to figure out how to balance everything. I basically put everything on the back burner to concentrate on school. This semester I have put school on the back burner to find a summer internship. Weird how that one worked out. Managed to find an internship and now I find myself with nearly no desire to do any work at all. The good news is that most of our work due is part of a group project, so I can rely heavily on the strong desire to work of others for many of my deliverables. Is it possible to have senioritis as a first year student?

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Glover said...

That is, you would have been able to let the others in the group do all the work until you publicly posted your plan on your blog - you moron!