Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Cyclocross

My poor nephew cameron coughed pretty much all night. THat kept me up all night. So I was crabby when I woke up this morning. Nothing like a 40 mile ride in 50 degrees and 30 mph wind to brighten your day. At one point today, I was in the 39x27 pushing into the wind with all I had. I tried to go straight into the wind for 20 miles so I would have an awesome time coming back home. I figured I could hold near 30 with that kind of wind at my back. Of course, no chance would the wind direction hold. And I lost my way coming back home. So my 40 mile ride turned to 50 miles. My toes were frozen.

Yesterday, I got in 40 miles in 70 degree temps. I guess Houston can change temps quickly just like anyplace else.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone.

The below pics are from SF Golden Gate Cyclocross race and a Santa Rosa (Levi's home) race. Check out the beard! My boy kent is pictured 1st. All photo credits to

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