Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reverse Sampson

No-Shave November almost killed me. This morning I woke up and just couldnt take it any more. I had to shave. I've never had more than 10 days growth in my adult life. This month was absolutely silly. I looked silly, felt silly, and itched like silly.

I was supposed to auction off my beard for charity. But there were 67 other guys doing the same thing this afternoon. I just dont have the time to sit and let that event transpire. Too much to do this week.

Also, I am 99% sure that the beard was some kind of reverse sampson occurrence. I couldnt concentrate all month. I wasnt that fast on the bike. We lost in the 1st round of our intramural basketball tournament. However, I did get a full time job offer with Amazon. So how do I explain that?

Big interview this Thursday. Please say a prayer for me!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes... never seen your beard like this. I am not sure if you look like your dad but the side shot looks like your Uncle Bruce too! glad you shaved! you are much too nice looking to hide it with a beard! lcb