Friday, December 14, 2007

7 Days Later

THis week was all in all pretty slow. I have found that turning 31 (on monday) wasnt nearly as difficult as not being in my twenties proved to be. But Norfolk was blessed with 81 degrees on wednesday. I already have 150 miles in this week. Wow. Thats pretty decent considering its december. My thoughts keep wandering back to Admissions Teams' decisions and I am pretty much going crazy. A couple of fellas in my squadron are applying to B schools too. We chat and get ourselves all frantic considering the interviews or lack thereof.
So I am doing my best to concentrate on the prospect of suffering. I contend there are few people who truly understand how sweet it is really suffer on a bike. Being at that redline, finding that limit is a difficult thing to do. Training now allows me to push that redline further away--allows me to go harder. Most of my favorite VA memories are on a bike. I love everything about it. I love the technical aspect of all the different types of gear. I love the training. I love the people who truly understand why I ride. They exist. I am thinking about my friend Kevin at Cross Nats. Good luck pal. I am thinking about the amazing opportunity that T Karnes has as a member of the Hincapie Juniors Team. Mostly I am thinking about how to continually find time to ride as other priorities take demand of my time and life. I must be crazy to go out in 38 degree temps and put in 50 miles. Thats just stupid.
Anyway, there is always trash to distract us. Nip/Tuck took a wrong turn last week but came back strong this past Tues night. I finally figured out why my mom and sisters recorded Days of Our Lives for 10 years when I was growing up: its just fun and takes your mind off everything for an hour. Does this mean that I watch soap operas? Trash, absolute trash, but a lot of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Mandy still likes Days of Our lives.. I haven't seen it for like 10 years now... but the people are still the same I guess!

You can always bring your bike w/you .... Houston will offer some nice weather for riding... but may not find trails!! Take the kids for a nice ride on Sunday afternoon.. they would love that!
See you in a week! Sweet!!