Friday, December 7, 2007

Slow Friday

Christmas is Upon Us!!!

It has been a while since I have thought about my blog. But I spent some time this morning researching other MBA admissions candidates journeys and now think I really need to post some ideas here. I know that only 4 people read my blog. But having the potential for someone who doesnt know me well to read it is an interesting thought.

I am happy to announce that I am 100% complete with the Wharton application process. I interviewed last week and was indifferent about the process. I thought the interview was going well until the last 10 mins. My interviewer was a female ex-Isreali army seargent. The interesting thing is that 10 seconds previous to my name being called, the interviewer was an Air Force Academy graduate and was at USAFA during my exchange semester at USAFA. I noticed him because he had hair down to his shoulders, a big grin (happy to not be in the military anymore), and an F-15 tie pin. So, 10 seconds may have been the deciding factor in my MBA fate. Equally frustrating was the recognition of a good college friend on the Wharton admissions staff AFTER my interview. I found (message to Garcia) his number and it was awesome. John Collins showed me around, displayed to me how crazy this time of the year was, and took me to class. He introduced me to a bunch of MBA students and basically sold the school to me (as if I need to be sold on Wharton). It was funny because he kept talking about me having to choose between Wharton and other schools. I kept telling him that I needed to gain acceptance somewhere before I could make any decisions.

The idea of a choice is a wonderful prospect, but very heavy right now. Maybe I am having that mid-round "I have not been asked to interview for HBS or Stanford" mental crisis. Thus far I have completed my interview for Wharton (decisions released Dec 20), have interviews with HAAS and Darden, and am waiting on Stanford and HBS. I have been meaning to apply to Columbia but have been enjoying not crushing myself with applications this past month. Perhaps my heart is heavy because the big 31 falls this Monday. For interested readers only: I bought a hot pair of new shoes for my birthday--Sidi 5.5 Carbon in all white! Bringing this idea back around, having heard from Wharton, Haas, and Darden, I really wish I would have heard something from the other two schools. Discouraging.

This entire MBA process has made me really take a hard look at my life. Staying in the Navy is definately an option. But I doubt that I would be challenged intellectually in the next 11 YEARS. Sure, there will be difficult times (like plowing through sand with whilst carrying an m16), but I just dont see myself growing much. So leaving is the right thing to do in that respect. However, the financial security and health benefits are decent. I doubt that I will ever work with some of my greatest friends and get to have lunch with them on a daily basis. Just today I ate lunch with 9 guys who are all just awesome guys. As aviators, we share this unique perspective and confidence in a narrow age range that probably doesnt exist in many business circles. But then again, who risks their life on a daily basis and gets paid as little as we do?

Long story short, thanks for reading and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Count your blessings and do something everyday that gives you peace! My beautiful pre-lit wally-world $29 Christmas tree brings a smile to my heart everyday. Thanks for the prodding sis.


Jason, Kristi, Maison & Libby Allen said...

Good luck with waiting! That has to be the worst part of anything! Hurry up and wait! I think you would be surprised at the number of people that look at your blog! There might be more lookers and less message leavers. I look almost daily!

Love your wally tree! The lights are super bright!

GamJams said...

Dude, you've got a pre-lit tree AND a sub-woofer. In the same room. I don't know why you think you need b-school. You're set.

In earnest, I've done b-school myself (NYU), and my $.02 worth is that it's the quality of the time you put into it, rather than the perceived caliber of the school, that generates the return. You're already applying yourself, and you're just applying. You can be pretty sure you'll get tons out of any program you get into and decide on.

shippys said...

I think you underestimate what you do on a daily basis and the calibre of the people who are your peers. You don't always get that in the civilian world. I am positive that everything will work out for you...even if you don't have 100% faith in yourself your friends are out here cheering for you. xoxo. k&b&o