Sunday, December 30, 2007

Finally A Sunday

Today is finally a day where I can just blow my afternoon in my garage. Its raining and freezing so I cant ride. So I present the below. I need to add my computer but this bike is unbelievably light. And I am pretty sure there is nothing more beautiful.

And yes, I weighed it with the chain in the water bottle holder.
The bike came with the Easton SL fork, but I ordered the Wolf SL. The wolf is made by alpha Q and requires an aluminum insert. Even with the insert, the start nut, and the headset race, the wolf was 15 grams lighter than the Easton SL. Plus the bike just looks more aesthetically pleasing with straight blade-aero wolf.

So if anyone needs a brand new, never installed, uncut steerer all carbon Easton SL, I have one that I need to sell. $250 would make me happy and is way cheaper than you can buy anywhere else. 1 1/8th.


T.Karnes said...

That is the hottest bike around... besides the Giant

Anonymous said...

The bike is beautiful. You're right, the new fork looks so much better than the one it came with. Good job!

chris d said...

That bike is freaking sweet. I'm jealous. Nice chatting with Saturday. Got a good MTB ride in Sunday AM before and slightly after the rain came.

Anonymous said...

Your new cervelo is soooo pretty!

But I can think of at least one thing more beautiful! ;-)

When are we racing? xo

Kevin said...

it's no dd-x but 2cnd prettiest bike will do...
Great seeing you out on the rides lately!
Drop that throttle BS