Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A couple notable results. First, I managed to finish the entire micro-econ mid term. It was a bitch (sorry mom). I know I didnt come close to getting everything right, probably even manage somewhere in the high 60% to low 70% range. Now, those that know me well will say that I am understating my effort. Truth is, this is serious business and the information (tons of it) is really complex and complicated. I am concerned that the stardard normal bell curve might not overcome my inability to produce correct answers. Or the normal distribution will find me firmly planted in the A range. Thank God for curves!

Second, 10000+ blog hits. I dont know if this means that annie gives me 100 hits a day for 100 days or if people are actually coming here to read what I have to say. I know that I have let some people down by not posting much about riding lately. I'll change that. But this semester has found me completely reorganizing my time commitments. Much like last fall, I'm just unable to give my bike enough time. Thats not stopping me from finding my first CX bike. Any suggestions? And yes I need something thats technologically advanced.

Lastly, I leave you with the below. While it is true that I will be at school today from 8 am to midnight:30, its not all business. The social events here are taken seriously. And we have a very well written, comical social chair. I give you his words below:



This Week
9/23 – Tuesday Night at the Graduate: Nostalgia…for an evening
9/25 – Bar of the Week: Jupiter (Pre-BOW DEMC Happy Hour at Beckett’s)
9/27 – The Second Coming of the LAHBA BBQ!

Save the Date
10/12 – Scratch-n-SniffTV Annual Pig Roast
10/17 – End of Fall A Celebration (Party)
10/24 – October Consumption Function Thrown by Q@Haas

Online Social Calendar

This week’s monologue is brought to you by Jessica Johnston. Every so often, Haasies engage in a sadomasochistic event called the Beermile. Basically this event consists of running 4 ¼-mile laps around a track, chugging a bear before each lap. Last night, said event occurred in honor of the 30th b-day of Haas ’08 grad Ken Wallace. Believe it or not, there’s actually a website to track results. Stay tuned for future events…

Top 5 finishers of the 2008-2009 Beermile pre-season kick-off event!

Adam "The Champ" Brink
Tecate and Guiness, from can
Ken "Birthday Boy" Wallace
Bud, from can
Jessica “Token Female” Johnston
Coors, from a can
First Female
Dave "Pumpkin" Fiore
Guiness, from can
Sprocket widget caused some problems
Ben BiddleBen "Renaissance Man" Biddle
Coors, from a can
Would have been 3rd if he didn't puke...2min penalty

Tuesday 9/23 – Tuesday Night at the Graduate: Nostalgia…for a night
9:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
The Graduate
6202 Claremont Ave, at Claremont and College

With the ushering in of the new MBAA last year, I made a controversial move and changed the main Tuesday night event from the Graduate…which is technically in Oakland, to the Bear’s Lair, which is technically on freakin’ campus. The aftermath amongst the class of 2008 was something like the 2000 Florida election results, and after a semester of neglect, they all continued going to the Graduate out of what I can only imagine was blood boiling spite. You can witness the extent of their malice in this epic C4C auction item video: (link).

But let’s be honest now – while the Graduate offers free popcorn, a full bar, and excellent deals on PBR, actually eating the stale, heavily molested roasted maize makes you realize that you get what you pay for, and it’s location near the Mexican boarder requires two Donkeys’, an airplane ride, and a team of Sherpas to get you there. Not to mention their juke box doesn’t have Journey on it…a non-starter for our class. On the plus side, however, we used to get to play my favorite game – DUI roulette – on the 45 hour trek home every Tuesday.

Well…umm…it’s amazing how opinions can evolve with a change of address. So tonight we return to an old standby for a night of nostalgia, and homage to Paul DeRemer’s beard (Haas ’08).

Old Map to the Graduate

(DeRemer) Prodigal Sons Return

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Thursday 9/25 – BOW: Jupiter (Pre-BOW DMEC Happy Hour at Beckett’s)
9:00 p.m. – 2 a.m.
2181 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

If you happened to forget your passport and couldn’t make the boarder crossing to get to TNAG, you are not forgotten. This week we keep BOW in Berkeley before a very important exodus to SF next Thursday. This event is highly convenient for all of you coming over from the DMEC happy hour at Beckett’s.

Crap – I’ve officially hit the point in writing the social alert when I don’t care if the post is funny…or interesting.

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Wick said...

I would say I would crush the beermile, as my times crush your calculator crunching cohorts times; however, puking is a two minute penalty so I must par-take in more practice before I fly out for the challenge.