Monday, September 1, 2008

Should be studyin'!

Without question there is something wrong with me. I managed to procrastinate mostly all weekend not doing much of anything. I enjoyed Ryan's b-day on Friday, the Cal-Mich State game on Sat, organizing myself on Sunday, and then racing today. Here it is 920 pm and I am just sitting down to work slash post on the blog. Serious problems I have.

But I love it.

Here's a good pic of the new team kit. Wow. California baby! Emma, met Dave (owner of Vanderkitten) and set up right near his tent. I introduced myself and he is super stoked you are on board. He claimed he had never seen anyone with your enthusiasm. Keep up the good work. For those of you who may have heard of her, Liz Hatch crashed out of a pretty serious Pro Women's field. She was pretty pissed but I told her that her crash was awesome and she should pride herself on the scarring. She was nice enough and happy to have someone give her encouraging words.

Start Banner

Typical J-dub style, attacking on lap 2 baby! Didnt stick by the way.

The race was a success in that I didnt crash and still was easily top 20. There were 100 crazy 3s racing this race. I felt horrible the first 10 laps but settled down for the last 15. Not too bad for only 4 rides in the last month. Hernia surgery didnt take away all my fitness. I cant wait to come back into form later in October. I this stuff!

Pretty nice view of the bay bridge.

A more famous bridge.

Rad video of the finish. You can pick me out on the far side in the teens. Thanks to stefan (my roomate) for coming over to the city and photoing/filming. Both he and eric came over just to watch. I was pretty impressed since neither of them ride. So I took them to outback and used Mary's (my sponsor mom) $50 outback gift card on our meal. I like, very nice.

Oh yeah, the 1,2 race was a Pro 1,2 with Rock, BMC, Bissell, Health Net boys all in attendence. I am not excited about catting up to a 2 on the West Coast. There was a Garmin Chipotle boy on the front absolutely drilling it the first 10 laps. It was single file 120 riders long! Crazy. There is a fella on the Cal team (Lucas Binder) who is a 2 having never raced anything other than collegiate racing. He has an SLC-SL and 2 mins before his start, his fork broke in 2 pieces and he was left laying on the ground still hanging onto his handlebars. I guess the Wolf SL recall is legit. I am seriously cheating death each time I ride my bike. Dani-HELP! Luckily lucas didnt get hurt at 3 mph.


Emma said...

Awesome J-dub! I seriously need to get my tail out there. I'll keep you posted on all the feisty kitty cat things we're working on for the 2009 season!!

AND great job racing, you def have heart to be attackin the field after hernia surgery...that's what I'm talkin' about!!!

Emma said...

OH, and I like you warm up on rollers!

T.Karnes said...

liz is the shit! your lucky you got to meet her!

Chris said...

JW! The darn internet, gets in the way of studying.

Watch out for that fork.

Tyler Hamilton...didn't see that one coming.

Going to be riding in Annapolis this next week. Any suggestions for rides? Davidsonville (is there much of a shoulder on those roads)?

D-BO!! said...